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    I ran around the level today for a bit. You really did a great job on the visuals! However, it seems to me that the level is extremely large compared to other levels. I feel like that is something that would work in casual 10vs10 very well tho! A lot of the level's elements look very similar. I got confused multiple times as where I am. Maybe a little bit variation for different areas might help. Anyway, congrats on the release! Looking strong!
  2. VMT Editor - fast and simple editor for vmt files

    Thanks for the release! Love the new changes. I have been running 1.3.7 so far, but when I use "Check for updates" it says that 1.3.7 is the most current one. When using the new version instead of updating the old one, all my links to textures (for 1-click conversion) are broken. Is there a way to either force 1.3.7 to update or transfer all the linked textures to the new version?
  3. Write articles for Mapcore!

    Jeez - Let us finish the contest maps first! Thanks for reminding tho
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    They only look narrower due to their height.
  5. #BLOCKTOBER 2017 (during October)

    I love Blocktober so much, I almost hate it. I'm in the Level Art phase of my project but am flooded with Inspiration for Level Design. It makes me wanna start a new project already ...
  6. de_manor

    Just a few weeks to go and I am still procrastinating mapping and texturing my models properly. On the other hand, I was busy forging my very own first textures in Substance Designer Still a long way to go. I might not meet the deadline, but I will not opt out and will try to submit a somewhat acceptable map!
  7. How would you make a unique layout

    Hey! I can only speak for myself, everybody got his/her own approach to stuff like this. First of all you gotta have a basic idea. This idea can come from anywhere. If you already have an idea for the theme of the level, try researching some real-life locations and draw inspiration for gameplay from there. If you don't have an idea, try hitting up http://leveldesigninspirationmachine.tumblr.com/ Once the basic idea is established and some reference pictures have been gathered, I like to start fairly simple, with a layout that makes sense for the type of theme. By fairly simple I mean only the main routes. Rotation routes can be added more easily along the go. This video might help you with starting the layout Also: have you level playtested a lot! MapCore is hosting playtests two to three times a week. Feedback is crucial. You might feel something is too simple while other people might feel it's too complex. Don't get stuck in your own head. I also like to participate in other people's playtests to see what issues can occur so I can counter-act on them in my project. Plus it helps them too Concerning modelling skills: It very much depends on what you are working on. If you want to make something fresh and new, modelling skills are essential, but you can create pretty good levels with stock assets too. Hope this helps!
  8. Avalanche

    I like how it says "Földen" which sounds like the actual Ski resort "Sölden" pronounced while having the mouth stuffed with cookies. Looks cool! Can't wait to circle around that beauty.
  9. Climbing DOOM's Argent Tower

    I agree - This is what bothered me the most about DOOM's otherwise excellent Level Design. Points of no return kill the motivation to explore in me. Very often I am like "oh, there is probably a secret over there - but let's clear this area first" and end up at a point where I cannot come back to the assumed secret location. To be fair - in DOOM it did not happen a lot, they do have a few points of no return however. Thanks for the read @FMPONE interesting to see other people's impressions of my favorite game from the last few years! I did not like the Argent Tower level too much tho.
  10. The portfolio section´s info

    According to his site's source code, he is using Wordpress. Wordpress can be set up quickly, but if I recall correctly you need a web server to run it on. There are a lot of different templates/themes that you can install and give it your own touch. I also wrote my portfolio from scratch using HTML, CSS and jQuery. As RZL mentioned, it takes time, but I feel like it's worth it in the end.
  11. de_manor

    Hey! Thanks for the quick run! I am aware of the angel figure's collision issues but didn't bother for rough playtests yet. Will be fixed for sure! Thanks for the headpeek find. Gonna fix that too. I don't really know what's wrong with the radar. Some people raised concerns while it looks fine for me. Might have fucked up with the compression at some point. Will investigate, thanks!
  12. totally random texture thread

    Starting to get more comfortable with Substance Designer
  13. de_manor

    Update time! I updated the workshop with the newest verion of de_manor: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949351174 I also applied for a MapCore Playtest on August 3rd. Would be happy to have you folks join me! Feel free to check out the level and drop some feedback, I'd very much appreciate it! Here's the current overview:
  14. de_manor

    After some further tweaks to the layout I started creating my first few models. Here's some progress, obviously not textured yet.
  15. CS:GO radar not showing up

    I am at work, so I can't check it, but isn't de_train's overview file called de_train_radar?