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  1. After some further tweaks to the layout I started creating my first few models. Here's some progress, obviously not textured yet.
  2. I am at work, so I can't check it, but isn't de_train's overview file called de_train_radar?
  3. Thanks for taking the time to look at the map! I am still tweaking the routes a little, since they are, as you said, sometimes a little too zigzagging. The bomb site designs are pretty much intended that way. I wanted to give players two distinctly different choices instead of two very similar ones in order to cover a broader spectrum of playstyles. I might have pushed it a little to far, but I am still tweaking.
  4. Wow! Great job on this map @grapen and congratulations on the release! Can't wait to run around this and draw some inspiration for my thematically similar map. Keep it going!
  5. Thanks for the comments! The downward arcs are only placeholders since I lack proper tall arches for now. I used them to have a longer straight pillar before the actual arc. I will create custom models for that. Yes, we are testing on the MapCore server starting at 9pm CEST (1h from now)
  6. Alright boys and girls! I got a spot in tomorrow's playtest. I'd appreciate if you stopped by and left some feedback! I also prettified B site just a little since it didn't receive a lot of love in the first iteration.
  7. You missed the "Montag Ruhetag" (which translates to "Monday closing day") sign on the inside of the building. It's like saying "thanks for having you. but we will be closed tomorrow." Jokes aside, the screenshots look really nice so far! I'll check the level out when I get home today. Is the rake scripted to snap up and damage the player once stepped on?
  8. I finally got a playable version of the level finished and uploaded to the workshop! Feel free to check it out and leave some feedback. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949351174 More screenies:
  9. Ran into a dead end with awful sightlines and horrible spacing so I started from scratch. I'd rather scrap my work now than desperately trying to make it work in some way. Still able to show some shots of new spaces. I am aiming to have a playable version of this iteration by the end of next week
  10. Hey guys! I'm very early in the development of my map, but I wanted to share something with you as I want to get into the habit of exposing my work more. de_manor is a bomb defuse level set wine-growing area in France. The level's architecture is inspired by Renaissance Chateaus and manors like the Biltmore Estate. With the design I am trying to create interesting indoor areas that do not feel as clumped as many others. After the Cobblestone debacle, Lord William decided to buy this manor to relax and have some fine wine. The terrorists however intend to destroy his peace ... and his new manor. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949351174 Here are some first vacuous screenshots:
  11. Barnacles in HL2 were a lot of fun to interact with. Especially combined with slippery ground.
  12. I guess he means Early Access
  13. Okay, now I understand where @cashed is coming from with his critizism. That DOES look awful. I also feel like the high amount of pillars used throughout the map within the playable space can be very disturbing. Pillars don't work well in a game like CSGO. Same goes for the many dead angles behind door frames in the indoor parts. I definitely need to check it ingame before commenting on it further. Thanks for the overview @text_fish
  14. de_marquis? Can anyone post the overview? I am at work and cannot check out the level yet. And there is none in the news ...
  15. If you use stock material, be sure to thoroughly study the models to see what is available to you. When you don't have the artistic freedom by making/requesting your own models you have to work with what you got and therefore worst case adapt your level design to it. In that case it's also wise to study how Epic assembled their levels by kit-bashing their assets. They use their versatile assets very creatively. Get inspired there! When it comes to workflow itself - Yes, BSP blocking would be the first thing. Test it thoroughly when finished, adapt to iron out any flaws. Once you are happy with the gameplay you move on there are multiple ways to go further. The next two major steps are meshing pass (adding meshes by replacing the BSP blocks) and blocking/collision pass (replacing BSP blocks with invisible blocking volumes). The order in which you approach those to passes is pretty much personal preference I would say. They can also go hand in hand. Be aware that some of Epic's meshes have their own collision while other's don't. After that the Final Art pass with lighting, details and decals comes into play. Please keep in mind that I have only created one level for UT4 so far, so my approach might be flawed. But I think it aids as a general direction. Edit: I found a picture that might be helpful to you. It's the roadmap/workflow for the DM-Deck remake by chonglee (full credit to him/her):