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  1. poLemin

    [CSGO] Victoria

    I like the look of mid. It's way clearer now where fights are happening. Big improvement. Two things that you might want to consider: The boost at mid to the right is a pretty large area. People can easily maneuver on it. I would restrict player movement up there a little bit. I'm not saying to copy Cache's boost, but think of how that boost feels. First part feels very clumsy if it's more than one person, then you have to cross the enemy's line of sight, and then you have some more breathing room, but no actual corner to tuck yourself into. I also can't tell by the gif whether boost is visible from the bridge over the left hand side bomb site. Second thing i would to rethink is this plank jump. It seems like you've increased the difficulty compared to the last time. In my opinion, this would lead to a situation where you can enhance ONE spawnpoint, but not more. Reason behind that, is that features like jumps, boosts, ladders ect, slow players down and this gets enhanced greatly if it's more than 1 player traversing that path. You gotta have perfectly synchronized and flawless movement to take advantage of this as a team. If you mess up, you kill yourself and potentially people coming behind you since they bump into your falling model. One thing that could still make this viable, is a small platform underneath that leads back up to the highground on the left. If you fall down and or cannot make the jump, you don't lose your (and potentially your team mates') life, but a significant amount of time. Keep going! I really like your progress. This is gonna turn out to be amazing!
  2. poLemin

    [WIP] de_biome

    Nice improvements! Looks awesome! I am not a big fan of that enclosed cubby on A site, but that's a personal opinion. It just feels terribly annoying to clear, since you have to swing around the entire site to check it and people there just need to aim at the entrance. Maybe make it a little bit smaller, so wall spamming is a little bit more reliable for clearing it? Secondly, I'm a little sad that you kind of copied the bomb site landmark from B to A. By that i mean having this office room overlooking the site. I liked how the sites had two different approaches, both gameplay-wise and visually. Keep up the good work - Exciting to see more improvements to an already great map!
  3. poLemin

    Level Design Help Files

    I was surprised that http://www.clement-melendez.com/portfolio/articles/push-pull/introduction/ was not on this list! Please add!
  4. poLemin

    [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    The outside area looks amazing and the layout looks interesting in the overview. I'll give it a try later today! I feel like the indoor area does not really fit the rest of the scenes, especially the clean texture on both the ceiling and the columns. And the plant pots from berth do not fit well in my opinion. Keep the good work coming! Excited to try this one out
  5. poLemin

    New Map - First time (minor error)

    When you cannot select a team, it very often is a spawn point issue. Check whether you have spawn points in the area that you are compiling. Also make sure to let them float slightly above the ground. If the spawn point collides with the level's geometry, it will be considered invalid. Hope that helps.
  6. Congratulations to everyone! Well done! The amount and quality of maps brought by this contest is truely amazing. Thanks for organizing it!
  7. poLemin

    [HL:DM] Tension

    Definitely looks fun! I personally like the amount of ladders. I feel like HL DM is the only multiplayer game where ladders in combat areas play nicely. I'd suggest to try to get rid of some of the "pyramid" crate stacks or vary them in size. It looks like you copy-pasted them just for the sake of having more cover. Good job! Keep going!
  8. poLemin

    Goals for 2018?

    My goals are basically the same like last year. - Learn new stuff - Push myself out of my comfort zone - Get stuff done In specifics: - Improve in Substance Designer and Maya - Pick up working with Substance Painter - Finish at least one mapping related project (Still haven't decided whether I want to re-work/"re-polish" Manor or start something fresh) 2017 has been a weird and slightly frustrating year in general. So off we go to 2018 with lots of lessons learned!
  9. Congrats to everybody who made it to the Top10, but also to everyone who was able to finish in time! It's quite an accomplishment by itself!
  10. poLemin

    [RELEASED] Manor

    Thanks for the kind words guys!
  11. poLemin

    [RELEASED] Manor

    Release time everbody! What a ride it has been! I will write a small follow-up text in the coming days, but now it's time to rest a little. I created a new workshop file and removed the old one. Feel free to check it out and leave some feedback! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217276839 I'd like to thank MapCore and FACEIT for hosting this contest, and wish all contestants good luck! I hope as many people as possible are able to satisfy their own expectations! Lastly, I will leave you with a few screenshots:
  12. poLemin

    [CSGO][SOLVED] Is it possible to deactivate hints and arealportals in-game?

    I think "r_novis" is the console command you are looking for. It disables the vis-system and renders the entire map at once.
  13. Midnight of the 30th - That means 12pm PST of the 30th. Therefore (if Germany is where you are right now) you have time until Friday December 1st 8am. (I am not an official tho, it's just how I read this)
  14. poLemin

    [CS:GO] SOAT

    I ran around the level today for a bit. You really did a great job on the visuals! However, it seems to me that the level is extremely large compared to other levels. I feel like that is something that would work in casual 10vs10 very well tho! A lot of the level's elements look very similar. I got confused multiple times as where I am. Maybe a little bit variation for different areas might help. Anyway, congrats on the release! Looking strong!