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  1. Yo mapcore, how you all doing?
  2. They go over mostly the diferences between the 3 different choices of character/plotline you're given in the beginning of the game, it borders on the spoiler territory tbh. I wont be watching anything else until release.
  3. So a tech demo and a DLC for a game I didn't even like... yeah, guess I'll get it somewhere next year when more games start coming in.
  4. Does the PS5 have an exclusive AAA launch title? The PS4 at least had Killzone Shadowfall, I'm actually loosing interest in the console and I don't see much reason to get it at launch at least.
  5. Deffo pick this up guys, this will for sure become a cult classic.
  6. Stay strong blackdog. Use this to come out stronger on the other side, reinforce your own foundational values and embody them. It's a strange ass year, that's for damn sure.
  7. Literally unplayable!
  8. Got this a couple of days ago. One thing that surprised me and caught me off guard is how well written the story is. It's a bit on the serious side, but it's made in a way that completely got my attention and curiosity. I legit wanna see where it's going and it keeps me wanting to go back. The feeling of the gameplay is pretty smooth, very reminiscent of Souls/Bloodborne, just slightly more forgiving. So if you liked those games, you'll definitely like Tsushima. I love the absence of a minimap, their wind feature really works too. The art is no RDR2, but the vibrancy of the lighting and art direction really makes for some breath taking vistas.
  9. Oh and btw: "Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch."
  10. This is probably one for the germans here in the forum... but damn, this looks amazing!?
  11. Fuck bro. Get better. Kidney stones are not a fun thing to get.
  12. Meh, no one's impressed by "biggest open world ever" statements anymore. Bigger the map, the more empty, boring and samey it usually is. I'd be more happy if they looked at what the lastest Metro Exodus game did, with it's hybrid design of open sandbox areas, and linear sections. But hey, at least the story is epic...
  13. I personally never liked the Halo franchise. It looks and plays like a really generic shooter. Go ahead, be mad at me, ahah.
  14. This looks fucking incredible.
  15. Damn bro... you're the necro master. But ah well, since you've dug the body, let's at least pay it's respects, here's an awesome behind the scenes with one of the dudes who worked on the thing. Such a classic.
  16. When you're one of the only ones in town actually doing your job description, waddya know...
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