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  1. Looking good! I worry a little about theme variety, it'll be hard to play an entire game within that one theme, as impressive as it is. We'll see.
  2. Fuck no... lol. It's just impressive how much good stuff there is. From that list, I'm curious about The Pathless, Cyberpunk, The Falconeer, Dirt 5, XII and I might play Cold War's campaign too. It'll take me a while to get around to play all these tho.
  3. With the XBox Game Pass, I haven't played this much on my PC in a long time... So, I started to love XBox too. For now, the place that we live in kind of lends itself nicely for me to be able to play Xbox games on my PC. But, when eventually we move to a bigger place where I can have my own office, I'll just get a XBox Series X for the living room. (Even though, games might never look as good there as they could look on my PC) Coming November, I wont be getting neither console. PS5 has no games that I want to play right away, and Xbox I can play on PC for the time being.
  4. This whole situation reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: "Everything in moderation... including moderation." More than half year into WFH, and the thought of going back to the office isn't exactly a pleasant one for me. Time is life's greatest currency, my time is more valuable to me than anything else in life, including money. Office life comes with a lot of negative things too, commute, spending money on lunch and coffee, a lot of distractions, a lot of meetings, office politics, etc. I just don't think a creative industry lends itself very well to the 9 to 5 formula. After a while it just starts to feel like a regular job and all the trappings of that formula starts to creep into your day to day life. I'm loving WFH, before this I would only see my own son for a couple of hours or less per day! I mean, just the thought of going back to that makes me sad, I'd see my family a little bit before leaving in the morning, then return home around 7pm, have dinner and play with him a little bit and by 8:30pm he needs to be in bed. At home, I can control my own hours, which requires a lot of discipline and work ethic, eating nutritious meals, going outside, exercise daily, taking breaks is just as important as working hard. It's been a rocky ride for me, I think June/July was the worst part for me, I wasn't delivery much in terms of productivity at work which made me feel guilty and really affected my well being, maybe I let the pendulum swing too much the other way and I lost momentum. Whatever happened, I found that 3/4 hours of pure focused work is often all you need before getting diminished returns, specially in long term. So going back to that quote, I think as life slowly returns back to normal, I think we can find a middle ground because I have to admit I really miss my colleagues, I miss brainstorming ideas in organic and natural ways. Maybe we as an industry can learn to balance home / work life a little bit better. Maybe the team meets on monday morning for a weekly sync then go back to our home offices to do work. Maybe we do Friday afternoon playtests back at the office. Maybe we end the week with a beer while discussing the outcome of the playtest. Maybe departments can schedule a get together at a park or esplanade and discuss their progress. Maybe... just fucking maybe work life doesn't need to be fucking boring anymore.
  5. lol, this looks awesome. The zombies cracked me up xD
  6. Nice... now it just needs new games! xD
  7. Lol, to be fair the problem here isn't that people don't finish games. It's absolutely fine to not finish a game, you play it a bit, you get the point of the story, the gameplay loop and just had enough, or simply it's not your cup of tea. Same applies for books, movies (to a lesser extent because they're only 2 hours long), series, etc. You get it, your time is better spent somewhere else... The problem is buying shit, and never touch it. I would almost understand that if it was a physical game that you could put on a shelf and brag about your collection to your friends, but people just add to a digital games list that only them can see. Lol
  8. FOMO "It'll be a while until this game will see such a huge discount, so I'll get it now and I'll play it next week..."
  9. SimonOC is here: https://www.mapcore.org/profile/15126-sock/ As for Benoit, I could swear he used to post here, although I think under a different nickname, I forgot.
  10. Because he legit loves VR and thinks it's the forefront of something new and fresh. He always had boner for the link of hardware and software, improving latency between the two and VR still has a lot of uncharted territory. That and I'm sure they're paying him butloads...
  11. You guys should deffo try Arcane Dimensions if you haven't already http://www.simonoc.com/pages/design/sp/ad.htm
  12. November 2020 is packed with them vidja gamez!
  13. So... a few years late to the party, but I finally got around to play the first two Metro games, before playing Exodus. I don't know why I didn't play them back then, it's right up my alley in almost every single way. I think it could be the oppressing rundown metro tunnels theme, I remember thinking a game can't stay fresh throughout on this one claustrophobic theme, and never ended up picking it up. Now, with the Xbox Game Pass, both Metro 2033 and Last light Redux versions are there, I thought why not take them for a spin and I'm completely hooked. Finished 2033 in a few days, and I'm now nearly done with Last Light. 2033 is a serious macho survival shooter, I loved every second of it, even the clunky mechanics add to the charm of this game. For Last Light they really upped the ante in so many ways, the art is way less busy, the lighting actually looks good and volumetric and for such an old game it still managed to impress me. The gameplay is a lot more action oriented than 2033, they lost most of that survival element in exchange for more combat, and there's waaay more ammo, health packs and filters than the original (Played both on hardcore difficulty, with a xbox controller, that's right motherfuckers) but I have to admit it's a more smoother experience for sure. I'm savoring my time with Last Light now, dope ass game complete with a lap dance section. I can't wait to try Exodus. So, if you're reading this and you never played 2033/Last Light, deffo give the Redux versions a try, it might still surprise you as it did surprise me.
  14. The press (bad or good) around both this game and developer has been insane these past few years, if I were them, for their next game I would probably play a R* and just go dark instead of feeding the trolls and the clickbait mob...
  15. If size is the answer to low noise, be it... sometimes the PS4-pro sounds like it's going to take off.
  16. Curious about this too, I think it's probably prone to latency.
  17. I have a 8 meter HDMI cable plugged from my PC to my TV. The XBox One controller has a great range on it too, so it works great for me, specially with Xbox game pass now...
  18. Specs for the game, FYI. I've got a i7-4790, so my CPU barely hits the recommended specs, hardware is aging fast these days. 6 weeks to go, seems like they've hit gold today too.
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