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  1. kleinluka

    Hello :)

    remember the mIRC channel anyone? god I feel old
  2. kleinluka


    I’m very very excited about this movie after the latest trailer. Looks amazing!
  3. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    I'm closing this thread as it has outlived its initial usefulness and has been reduced to mostly personal attacks and misinformation, neither of which have a place on Mapcore. If any mods disagree with my decision feel free to open up a discussion in the Staff section of the forum.
  4. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    Nope, high vaccination turnout has reduced ICU and hospitalizations and deaths across the board.
  5. They were probably made to show something by Microsoft/XBOX. Bethesda typically doesn't show anything until they are close to release. According to Todd Howard, gameplay will be shown closer to release, so probably E3 next year.
  6. Haven't seen a thread about the game here. Bethesda Game Studios' new IP. The new E3 trailer doesn't show much, but it provides the first glimpse of in-game footage, and with it, the first footage of the new Creation Engine 2. Also confirmed, Inon Zur (composer of Fallout) will be scoring the soundtrack for the game. Release Date: 11/11/2022 (XBOX/PC exclusive) More info on the game from a Telegraph interview with Todd Howard: https://pastebin.com/mWBbggZD Some concept art:
  7. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    @blackdogIf you really think we can develop a vaccine that NOBODY will die from you’re gonna have a bad time. And this isn’t throwing in the towel and saying “I guess this is good enough”. There are scientists working right now to figure out what’s triggering the thrombosis response in the AZ vaccine in order to make it even safer. But the number will never be 0, there are simply way too many people with allergies, countless combinations of existing medical conditions that can interact with a vaccine. It’s simply not gonna happen. You may ask “how is this any different to the same argument being made against covid? Well, the vaccine doesn’t have the ability to spread for one thing. There is no exponential growth of death like with the virus. In fact, even if the vaccine had the ability to be passed from person to person you would still end up saving more people than harming them. Small amounts of people dying from taking medication isn’t something new. One of my friends has severe allergies and can’t get vaccinated at all. On a more personal note, my mom is in recovery from cancer, and would have been pretty much guaranteed to die if she had caught Covid due to this and other issues with her health. The vaccine quite literally is extending her life expectancy. I would argue the great majority of medications in existence have a certain number of deaths associated with them. The Polio vaccine killed and paralyzed a bunch of children in the 50s, should we have stopped administering that too? No, because you have to weigh the risks and benefits of a medication vs continuing down the unvaccinated path that results in far greater amount of death. That is what’s being done with the Covid vaccine, and while the risk is not 0 it’s also many many many times lower than the risk of a society that continues to spread and get infected with the virus. This isn’t about wanting to get back to drinking mojitos, it’s about wanting to get back to a functioning society that can live a normal life without overwhelming the medical system, something that has happened and is happening without the vaccine. The healthcare system has shown significant improvement after large portions of population were vaccinated. So you want me to be shocked that 3 people out of hundreds of millions have died from the Pfizer vaccine? How many people’s deaths were PREVENTED because of this vaccine? Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. I never said it wasn’t terrible for those who died this way. Yes, every vaccine death is horrible and yes it is in fact easy for me to make this argument when it’s not my family member or friend dying from it, but this is simple math in terms of risk vs benefit. Every death associated with this pandemic is a tragedy. However if I need to choose between 3 people dieing from a vaccine or 30,000 people dieing because there is no vaccine, I’m sorry for those 3 and their families but I’d like to keep those 30,000 alive please. The incidence rate of vaccine related deaths, while still arguably higher than we all want it to be, is still small enough that it wouldn’t even make it on a pill bottle under “extremely rare side effects”. To put it differently, if you wanted to take these vaccines off the market because they are, as you apparently suggest, unsafe, then for every person that you “save” from dying from the vaccine you kill a hundred more because you took those vaccines off the market.
  8. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    The thrombosis cases are exclusively an Astra Zeneca (with some similar J&J reports) problem. No such issue exists with mRNA vaccines. When you look at how many people have had this thrombosis after taking AZ vs. how many people got sick and died from covid the choice is pretty clear in terms of what is safer. Everybody needs to make that choice for themselves in the end. Also, in a lot of countries AZ seems to have been suspended already or restricted to certain age groups where VITT cases are less likely (such as older people). For example in Canada we no longer administer AZ for 1st doses, but we do let people get their 2nd shot with it because the thrombosis happens exclusively with 1st shots. Everybody else is getting either Moderna or Pfizer, where there is no real risk at all to taking the vaccine. Bottom line is, yes - it's unfortunate that people have died from thrombosis after taking Astra Zeneca. But we absolutely rely on vaccines to get back to normal, it's the only way. They clearly work in cutting down ICU and hospitalization numbers.
  9. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    What people? What vaccine? What complications? I think most people have pretty minor side effects, and the ones with more severe ones usually go away within a few days (not counting the few VITT cases from the AZ vaccine)
  10. YES! Thank you! While the overall texture resolution was definitely improved in DOD:Source and geometry overall was of a higher quality, I always felt like DOD:Source looked and felt like a bit of a parody of the original game. Bright saturated colours, bloomy lighting, barely any dirt or grime despite all the broken down buildings everywhere. I still prefer DOD:Classic over Source, and not just because I worked on it... it just has better atmosphere in my opinion.
  11. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    Got my first vaccine dose on Saturday (Moderna). Feels like the beginning of a return to normalcy. Hopefully. How is everybody else doing?
  12. I'm watching the shit out of Shameless right now (US Version). Such a good show!
  13. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    how's it going? Got your 2nd dose yet?
  14. Yeah, it's actually very comfy and doesn't feel bulky at all when it's in your hand. Like putting on a fancy glove I've got one of their headsets and keyboards too. Surprisingly good quality for all the shit people say about Alienware
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