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  1. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    Out of curiosity, did you have any symptoms when you had Covid?
  2. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    FYI that does not mean you are now immune. You can get re-infected if you have already had covid. From the CDC:
  3. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    Thanks for your comments. Just to clarify, my mother's cancer surgery was last year. She survived it (so far), cancer is gone (so far)... but many others are not as lucky and are having their surgeries postponed due to ICUs being full with covid patients. I'm really sorry about your girlfriend and your stepdad Anyway, I've made my point about how I feel about things moving forward. Everyone needs to make their own decision. My only hope is that people think of the consequences and how they affect others and not just themselves.
  4. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    Why should others have to pay the (sometimes ultimate) price for people who choose to ignore the advice of every health agency on the planet? Fuck yes, I would want to be kept separate from people who pose a risk to me and my family. The two main vaccines currently have an efficacy of 90+ %, there will be others rolling out shortly where this protection is only in the realm of 70% I think many of these things will largely depend on whether it can be determined that the vaccines prevent transmission, which as of right now I think we still need more data to say for sure. If the vaccines don't stop transmission, then herd immunity through vaccine becomes far-fetched and at that point it really doesn't make a difference to me if you get vaccinated or not. However, the unvaccinated portion of the population would still be an unjust burden on the medical system by continuing to fill up ICUs and hospitals. Here in Ontario they are now pausing cancer surgeries because our ICUs are packed full of covid patients. I'm sorry but if you don't vaccinate because you just don't want to but then need to be hospitalized and meanwhile my mom gets her cancer surgery delayed and risks death because of your choice...you see why I would have a problem with this? If you actually had a legit reason not to get vaccinated, like a medical condition, that's a totally different thing and anyone would understand. But if you don't get vaccinated because of some unfounded rumour about vaccine safety, something that is not based on legitimate data or scientific fact, then yes, it should be you who pays the price for that choice and not my mom, or somebody else's mom. The vaccine has now been given to millions of people across the world and there have been, to my knowledge, reports of less than 10 severe reactions, most of which were treated within an hour and the patient released home. There is no scientific evidence the vaccine poses a risk in the long-term and no reason to think that it would.
  5. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    to be clear, by services I mean medical services. Yeah it sucks for those who make the decision not to get vaccinated. But it is a logical consequence of that choice.
  6. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    It is not possible to achieve herd immunity without vaccination. It certainly has never been done. The vaccine has now been given to millions of people (one of my friends in Germany got his 1st shot of the Pfizer vaccine today). The number of severe adverse reactions can be counted on one (max 2 hands) I believe. That is definitely in line with other vaccines and other medications available on the market. Honestly, the side effects of covid are already known and are much much worse. As for long-term side effects. I read a very interesting article about this by a virologist (I can't find it as I am posting this)... but the way it was explained (and I am badly paraphrasing) was basically that based on how this type of vaccine works, the ingredients in the vaccine dissipate in your body very early on so it's not even possible for the vaccine to cause problems years down the line. The jab's main job is to trigger an antibody/immune response and provide instructions on how to fight the virus if it enters the body. When that is achieved, the actual vaccine itself basically dissolves in your body. Again, I am really badly paraphrasing what the original quote was, but that is essentially how it works. Also, I repeat again that the vaccine was not "rushed" out the door as some are claiming. The safety trials were completed satisfactorily. The reason it feels like it was rushed is because in normal vaccine development the stages take much longer to pass as they aren't being pumped full of money by literally every country on the planet. I will be taking the shot as soon as I can. For those of you who choose not to, that's certainly your choice. Just know you are contributing to the global community not achieving herd immunity. I also imagine you will be restricted from getting certain services, or entering certain public places, and rightly so.
  7. kleinluka

    Goals for 2021?

    Get vaccinated so I can see my family again, travel somewhere if possible, plan my wedding for 2022, get a clean bill of health after a difficult 2020 and get rid of the remaining stones in my kidney (this shit is not fun).
  8. kleinluka

    Corona Virus

    There seems to be some uncertainty among certain people regarding how safe the vaccines are given how comparatively fast they were developed. Just wanted to share this post I came across the other day to respond to that.
  9. I’m gonna hold off until the full PS5 version gets released
  10. Thank you Yeah, I am really happy with how that one turned out!
  11. ^^^Nice, I hope more companies adopt a similar approach. I really like WFH. I do miss interacting with my colleagues sometimes but this could be solved by going to the studio maybe one out of every 4 weeks (once it's safe to do so again). My only downside is that I move even less than I did before, and I was already not moving a lot before WFH. At least before I'd walk to the subway station, then walk from there to the studio and walk around the studio itself all day. Now I pretty much just rotate between my desk chair, my couch and my bed with the occasional walk sprinkled in here and there.
  12. If anyone is curious, I finally added some of my work on WDL to my ArtStation https://www.artstation.com/dluka
  13. It really wasn't that bad. Yes, there were some very sad moments but overall it was just a really good game IMO.
  14. This would have been cool 10 years ago when people were still playing the game I miss L4D
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