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  1. Oh damn, that's pretty dope. One of my fav remaster, right up there with RE2, is Shadow of the Colossus. And aparently, they actually grabbed that old engine, retained the code that pertains to animation and gameplay feeling, and reworked everything else. That sounded insane to me but turns out it's true, I wonder if they did something similar with this THPS remaster? Because it's not easy to mimic the gameplay feeling of a game man.
  2. Yeah, at least it seems like it does come with a map editor, hope it allows you to upload your custom levels. (?!) Also, here's hoping they grab this and make the real THPS sequel we all deserve. ;D which would be, what THPS6?
  3. [HP]


    Found the replicant
  4. Or just all the specs of the S with a disc reader.
  5. If they don't come up with an E model, I'll be disappointed
  6. I think the version with drive has way better hardware, capable of doing 4k. Man, I still can't believe how retarded the naming of these consoles is.. but dude, if you don't already have a capable PC, 299 plus a xbox game pass subscription is a great fucking deal. More info on pricing: (ability to finance it is genius, a lot of people already do it with their phones) Xbox Series S and X launch on November 10th Series S - $299 or $25 a month with All Access Series X - $499 or $35 a month with All Access
  7. Mmm... dude doing this takes less time than you did typing that post. You can even add the Epic Launcher itself as a non steam game.
  8. Why is that a worry to you @blackdog?
  9. [HP]


    3d artists learning blender in 2020
  10. still the best platforming level of any game ever
  11. [HP]


    Your timing is impeccable.
  12. [HP]


    Or made you orgasm on demand... that'd be something
  13. Nah dude, this is what you're getting. Character anim blending is one of the hardest things to do in game engines. it's not that bad, deffo seen worse.
  14. [HP]


    We're all getting this eventually, fyi. If not us, our kids for sure.
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    This is fucking crazy man.
  16. Useful LD tips: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d7lr9guuCn1ys9Ui_CzUKKtkiPmv3AwX
  17. Alright, finally got around to play this... Well, I'm still playing it, about 6 or so hours in. I can see myself finishing it, we'll see... It does some really great things, others border on mediocrity and a few on flat out bad. Can't help but feel a lot about this game is one big missed opportunity to revive the "Fallout-like" action RPG genre. It tries really hard to walk on F3/F4 shoes, down to how it feels to play, even the button mappings and player movement are the same as Bethesda's Fallout, and if you know your video game history, you can't help but chuckle at the irony of this. The writing isn't extraordinary, but i'd say it is pretty good, in fact it's the thing that keeps me going back to the game, it does keep me curious and willing to know more about this world. Some of the character dialogues, specially the dialogue trees are really well done, way better than F4. I don't know how many people that worked on this also worked on 'New Vegas' but I feel the writing of the latter is closer to the original Fallout games (1/2) where your actions and choices brutally impact the world around you, Outer Worlds tried to sit somewhere in the middle, and as a wise man once told me: you never want to be in the middle of anything, unless it's two hot chicks that is. The plot feels a bit one note, tonally and morally. It does try to make you ask some questions here and there, but ultimately it's all about "corporations bad, tyranny bad", and once you read through that you can't help but think "Yeah, no shit." In these kind of games I prefer when things are a bit more ambiguous, when a bad outcome doesn't necessarily mean evil and a good outcome doesn't necessarily mean righteous either. The art and presentation is one of the biggest disappointments, obviously this is my area so it makes sense I'm more critical of it but the exteriors have no sense of cohesion or depth. The colors feel very random and scattered, the lighting feels flat and there's barely any fog to help with depth either. It doesn't help that the game relies heavily on SSAO for it's occlusion so it also looks very contrasty. A lot more work could have been done in the art direction department here. The shooting feels fine, it does it's job. Instead of the VATS system, now you have a mode where the game goes into slow motion, and you can aim and shoot to weak point of an enemy.
  18. Love that they rerecorded the score, I'm sensing a lot of love went into this... Can't wait, a month to go!
  19. Ronald Reagan's wrinkles never looked so good.
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