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  1. 150? Damn dude... what do you find so addictive about this game?
  2. Game is not full price, it released at 39.99 Support SP story based games, so they can make more of them, ktkxbye.
  3. lmao... at this point, these reviews are like parody of themselves.
  4. Finished it last night. This is what I call a "pure" video game. No bullshit, just a straight up decent game.
  5. Simulation driving mode should have slowed down the cars. In the original some cars are so shitty they can barely make it up a hill, which can have it's allure. Cars back in the 30s were all pieces of shit
  6. It confuses the developers, let alone the customers.
  7. Games are also becoming a "service", as much as I hate that. In 2020, if you're someone trying to get funding for a studio, or pitching a new game, you need to prove the game has room to grow (preferably exponentially) post launch. The days of building team, ship game, ship another game with same team are now for the most part gone. And to be fair actually, it used to be: build team, ship game, layoffs, rebuild team, ship another game. This industry is a mess, and long term, it's probably going the Hollywood route of mostly contracting work. Which means, we're going to see less and less "single player" games, and more and more games that have good potential of building communities around it. Maybe this wouldn't be the case if people were willing to pay 80 bucks for a single player game? The return on investment would maybe become feasible, but that would never happen. It's a fucking mess man.
  8. Remakes can be just as much work as a "regular" game, if you're aiming at a remake a-la RE2 or FF7 where whole systems are brand new, I'd even say it's more work, because you're worrying about not only building the damn thing, but also retaining the DNA of a game released 2 decades ago. Anyway, just beat that freaking racing mission, if they're going for authenticity they're nailing it because it's just as frustrating as the original, lol. Really enjoying this game man... It's a bit strange that they're selling this for 40 bucks, isn't it? I would totally still buy this for full price, and be more than happy with the purchase.
  9. Put around 2 or 3 hours in tonight. Exactly what was mentioned, characters render and animation tech could be better. But everything else is spot on. The game sounds and looks great, driving feels awesome. But where this game really shines, just like the original, is in the story and the missions.
  10. Mafia: Definitive Edition early review scores Destructoid 9 IGN 8 Press Start 8 Windows Central 4.5/5 DualShockers 8 GameSpot 6 Game Informer 5.5 The Gamer 3/5 OC 80 (24 critics) https://opencritic.com/game/9473/mafia-definitive-edition MC 83 (9 critics) https://metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/mafia-definitive-edition
  11. You'd be surprised how many people still play these games man
  12. Wait until you have kids.
  13. Loving this indie platformer called Downwell
  14. So let's see, with the acquisition they just added 8 new 1st party teams to Xbox Studios - Alpha Dog Games - Bethesda Game Studios - Arkane - id Software - MachineGames - Roundhouse Studios - Tango Gameworks - ZeniMax Online Studios Xbox now acquired/started 15 studios in 2 years. Pretty good.
  15. $7.5b, damn! This came out of fucking nowhere...
  16. You guys play Among Us yet? I can now see why it's exploding in popularity, game is amazing. We should get a group of mapcoreans to play.
  17. Some of the character design looks kinda off, those guys in a fox mask for example, doesn't look like it belongs on a 70s action movie at all, looks out of place? Would love to see some dudes with an afro and brown leather jacket, sporting a badass revolver and nunchucks... they need to include nunchucks in there somewhere, c'mon man! Ahah I am sold on it though, it feels fresh enough with a good dose of familiarity from the arkane roster of games. Also, assuming this is executed correctly, it could very well offer the most replayability we've seen from a game in a long while, since it's up to you to find ways to kill those 8 guys WHILE being hunted yourself. Fucking cool idea man.
  18. VR has a long way to go however HL Alyx was a leap ahead of time for sure... it made me hopeful for a VR, but It'll all going to depend on whether or not people wanna develop games for it. This cheaper Quest will be enticing for a lot of people, we'll see what the future holds but I really hope the tech keeps getting better, faster and lighter.
  19. Never played Sunshine so It's reason enough to wanna pick this up. It's a shame that Mario 64 runs at [email protected], specially after that sm64 decompiled code PC version going around the web letting you play [email protected] + widescreen.
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