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  1. Pretty old map from last year ( started like in january or smth) The map was never finished becasue i lost motivation after realising the poop i just did, the map was terrible scaled , didnt have a proper layout , bad lightning and i started detailing before i even finished the layout i had in mind. So to conclusion this map will never be completed or remade
  2. Jeddyk


    you could download some textures here http://www.textures.com and modify them to your liking or you could do like some people, pick a camera (decent one of course) and take pictures of like walls or something , just make sure there is no sun light on your picture
  3. Jeddyk


    Congratulations on releasing , This looks amazing and fun , gonna have to give it a try also there seems to be a radar bug on your workshop , the CT side the radar is working well , while on the T side there is no radar whatsoever
  4. Its a matter of opinion, for me i prefer 3ds max cause im more used to it and have more knowledge on it , Blender , Maya , 3ds are all great , and obviously they all have their pros and cons for example Blender is harder for Beginners but its free, so its best for you try them all and pick the one that you feel works best for you
  5. Jeddyk

    [CS:GO] de_Transit

    What a timing , i was just looking through here when you posted this hahah and i gotta say , this is good looking, the lightning and the atmosphere blend really nicely though it could still be improved
  6. this was a big improvement , liking it alot more just a question , are you going with the same looks as the original or are you going to give it a new look , because as far as i can tell it looks a little bit like the original on Css, doesnt bother me that mutch but it would be great to see new themes come out Continue the great work nontheless.
  7. Jeddyk

    [CS:GO][WIP] cs_gulch

    It looks like an interesting project, really curious to see how it will play on a full server with players Can´t wait to see your progress on this map ( hopefully you´ll smack some Breaking Bad references haha)
  8. I Rembember seeing this map on a TopHattWaffle´s video , looking better from what ive´seen previously
  9. looks good but i think some of the red brick textures could be changed to something more apealing, (the entrances can stay the same if you like)
  10. Thanks for your compliment and warning , i have just added the map in the chat for the imp as you said and made a thread for it in TF2 Maps
  11. Amazing work dude ! kinda made me drool a lil beat by just how good it is , keep it up
  12. Been working on a Tf2 map for while for the Frontline community update (Hope it becomes a future update) and this is what i have done so far Still in its beta stages , gonna start to detail more after i get more feedback ( last image was something magical that happened to the spy)
  13. Hi there Mapcore community , i am bringing you here a WIP of a new map im making for l4d2 , so far im trying to optimise the map and do some improvements before doing the rest and i decided to show you guys and girls the map so far Feedback would be apreciated and if you want something added to the map just tell me ;3 NOTE. i would also like to know if there is a way to playtest my map here , and if we can, how to , thanks for reading my post and happy mapping Images:
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