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  1. JSadones

    Random Photo Thread

    Was able to see and photograph part of the milky way last night Canada is such a nice place
  2. I'd plan on developing something for the Oculus Go, a few questions with this: Would I have to create a PC version and VR version? There are no .exe because the Go runs android, so the executable will be an APK. If I'd use the motion controller to open the door, a PC version wouldn't be possible. Is then a VR only application enough? Is a video about the door good enough to be judged? I doubt many judges have a Go lying around. Does "The Door" have to be a physical door? Is an "entrance" to a particular space also valid? Of course when the player is made aware of the "entrance".
  3. JSadones


    Some screenshots to go with our latest release. We're not quite finished and will continue to work things out. We'll take special attention to optimization, rework some models/detail and continue to add cool information from outer space.
  4. Looks very atmospheric, which is great for VR. Adds to the immersion! Is there any plans for HTC Vive ? I'd love to play this but Revive currently doesn't mention any compatibility with FOS.
  5. Been following him on Twitter for a few months now, really liking his art as well. Still doubting if I should help kickstart it, it's around €40-45 here for the hardcover book. His two previous artbooks are around €42 each on Amazon. Decisions
  6. JSadones


    Terrorists have taken former astronauts hostage in the Apollo space visitor center. SWAT team have arrived to rescue them. Team: @Vaya - Layout/Level design @Vorontsov - Modeller/Asset Designer @JSadones - Environment design/Detailer @Assassin - Modeller/Asset Designer Any feedback is always welcome Download on Steam workshop.
  7. Initially I stopped working on it because I really wanted to have a 3D preview of the models, however legally this would be an issue. However recently I also received a PM on Reddit asking if this was still a thing. I know people would appreciate it and probably even could work with people just uploading screenshots and maintaining it. I'll maybe have another look at it for a sideproject
  8. Submit it to /r/csmapmakers aim map contest if it's new and finished
  9. Looks great, but TopHattWaffle has the exact same name and theme.. They are quite far in the detailing stage from what I've seen. Example of the map (is from a while back however, they have progressed immensely)
  10. They don't show in the texture browser since they don't have a .VMT. Download GCFScape and open pak01_dir.vpk You can find them under Materials/Effects/
  11. All your links are leading towards this topic ! Once I finally get another smartphone (last one died), I'll check it out ! Finally I can pretend being a lawyer (watched way too much of Suits)
  12. https://blizztrack.com/overwatch_ptr/patch_notes/338357 May this be the end of the tank meta?
  13. No, I recently switched from Blender to 3dsmax (because of Wall Worm). I quickly checked out Maya on some Youtube tutorials, but what you exactly find closer to Hammer to it? I've read somewhere that 3dsmax is good for easy stuff, but hard for doing advanced stuff. And Maya is easy for advanced stuff, but hard for easy stuff (if that makes sense).
  14. Ever wanted to learn about space and shoot people at the same time? Soon™ your dreams might come true. In all seriousness, finally pushed past my unmotivational phase and starting doing some work. However custom assets are still a struggle for me, I need to spend way more time in 3dsmax. But those are the drawbacks of making my first map full with custom assets .
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