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  1. @Pete_H Thanks man, that was my main focus this weekend i hope you enjoy where i took it Hok....so alot of changes this weekend biggest change is real Time GI and bouncing lighting have been implemented and fully functional Via LPVs (Light Propagation Volume) and was able to achieve a stable frame rate for VR Change list -Reworked tunnel area, new meshes, lighing set up and partcle FX -tweaked main bld mesh -tweaked lighting -blocked out console which should provide some game play elements -added more debris to the hole in the main bld But as always let me know what yall think
  2. Good morning ppls of Mapcore, Got some time to flesh out the tunnel area,
  3. What up mapcore happy friday,did some more work on the door its coming, i think i need MOAR wires lol but we are almost there then all i need to do is texture this asset,the white pillars, the black vents and the tanks on the outside and i think she is ready to be shipped
  4. Hopefully 4.16 will be fully implemented and you can take advantage of the volumetric light because that would look sick in this scene \
  5. ah yeah some unreal goodness
  6. Good Morning Mapcore, Started working on the door for that hallway let me know what yall think
  7. @Robo_Platypus thank you so much for the crit i really appreciate it I really agree with the texture blending the sand doesn't feel like it spilled in from outside i have been thinking i need to create like a sand mound to just place around the environment instead of relying on texture decals. Yeah that is an issue the buildings in the back are very bland texture wise ill have to see if i cant spruce them up so i can ease up on the DOF I have started to stray away from the Source image, i do not want a 1 to 1 copy since that is from bungie i would hate to be request to take it down ounce its released on steam. I decided to go with a more true to life version of mars i may tone back the orange ill have to play with it That is an issue with this space and i would assume with the other areas in the environment that it lakes a focal point, but that will change soon So last night i was able to do a few things....namely in substance and here it is implemented in unreal let me know what yall think....still need to make that door .....and kinda want an animated light that runs the length of that hall way
  8. Did some tweaks this weekend changing up color scheme, as well as -Added grass -Added Rocks -Implemented Teleportation and Pick up functionality -resized the hoses -Improved Frame Rate Things left to do: -Create a door -Texture orb vent -Fix Collision issue where use teleport under the ground -add ambient music/sounds But let me know what you guys think, comments and crits welcome
  9. Hey guys I am really excited to Announce that I will be release this project on steam for free for VR here in a few weeks...some polish is definitely needed if you have any comments or crits please let me know
  10. Wow happy new year (late) Mapcore lol....its been a great year.....i'm calling it done on this project it was very fun and i learned a ton! I just wanted to share the final result in video format along with some of the other assets i created in 2016 Enjoy :)...all in unreal of course Comments and critques always welcome https://vimeo.com/198520649
  11. @Freaky_Banana Thanks man! tweaked my lighting and added some atmospherics
  12. @Freaky_Banana Thanks man! definitely working towards that Did some more work on background meshes Thoughts ?
  13. Did some work on the background building, let me know what yall think
  14. Latest WIPS let me know what yall think
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