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  1. I'd say my wallet is ready, but I've not got a job, so having a wallet is pretty much cosmetic at this stage.
  2. can still sell map packs!
  3. Going to scrap the elevator section, was a bitch to get scripted and doesn't really feel all that fun in practice, will replace it with something a bit more practical. Will also give the opportunity to change some areas of the map there I've not been happy with.
  4. Some store changes coming for the game now, they're removing those starter and upgrade packs and replacing it with the first season only
  5. better than the heat death concept. Wonder if this already happened before.
  6. If they're still going to work on Hitman 2016 with the same business model, not much of a concern until the next season is complete, since they'd put each new location up for digital download.
  7. Will do eventually, all just placeholder so I can get the layout locked down
  8. Time to post a new update. I've spent the past couple days working on the new version of the start of the map, I'm fine with the buildings around it, it was just the playing field around it I did not find too fun as it came across too underdeveloped and flat, did not feel like a good starting arena for the payload map and didn't encourage much in the way of variation for setups. And now the new blockout is ready to show. Time for screenshots Some parts still need extra touches: Practical cover outside in the more open areas, One new room needs lighting still Cliff edge needs to be done, currently just a flat, square edge. Way back up from the cliff edge route that's not going through spawn
  9. IO's situation has been resolved, they've managed to go fully independent, and were able to also secure full control over the Hitman franchise!
  10. I'm a bit of a lore knob, but the reason Artyom could unmask outside was because he seems to be far outside of Moscow where the bombs would have ignored, few sections in the games and books beforehand mention parts where that was the case, mainly a settlement created in the outskirts of Moscow by a tank crew and some people they came across, they were fine out there until the monsters got them. Aside from that, I do hope that the new game finally features Sasha and Homer, both played parts in the two latest books. would be a shame to omit them.
  11. typically easier to just sell recently released crates you get randomly and use that to buy the skins you want. Or just do some good ol' fashioned trading.
  12. Started this two months ago, gone from the first random scribbles of a layout, to the first complete blockout. Currently revising the following for improvements Starting area, make it more like an arena for the payload start, play a bit with height too, help introduce players to what's to come in a smaller scale Interiors, replace the placeholder massive open rooms to more smaller rooms, with hiding and flank spots where needed Mid point elevator, add a new area for practical cover for defenders, consider moving defender forward spawn too Probably the most curious change I want to try is at the start to mid point route for the payload, replacing a unused wall that was made to block visibility, and turn it into something of a vantage point that defenders can use on the path to the elevator section, and during that section as well. Need to decide on how that will work while maintain the same visibility for optimisation's sake. Also I've put together a Trello page for the project, so I can track what needs to be done. Will look into doing playtesting once these changes are handled and the scripting is done.
  13. Welp, no point in you opening cases anymore. My friend list for csgo consists only of people who either have opened hundreds of cases to get crap, and those who gave up and just directly brought a nice knife.
  14. Get your own stake, this one is mine!
  15. I'll probably be burnt at the stake for admitting I never played the original. What's the original game like, would assume they'll play similarly.