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  1. A single prop can be made up of multiple meshes with different materials. In blender, assign each part a different material with a fitting name like "shelf_wood". You can then export the model and create the corresponding source material (shelf_wood.vmt). Make sure your source materials line up with the $cdmaterials you set in the models .qc file. I believe by default up to 32 materials / prop are supported. If you are heaving trouble exporting source props from blender and are using blender 2.8+, try source ops. It makes the whole process a lot easier and faster: https://developer.valvesof
  2. csWaldo


    It's been a while since we posted a proper update here but a lot has changed in the last two months. - B site has received a full rework - rotations are faster and simpler - mid was reworked to make it fair and fun - outside A now has a tunnel connecting it directly to B site The version shown here should be live by tonight and we are hoping to finalize the layout soon. Feedback is, as always, very welcome and maybe I'll see some of you in the next playtest Radar: Screenshots:
  3. csWaldo


    Here's a little peek at our next update... https://gfycat.com/neglectedhoarsechickadee
  4. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    No hurt feelings "I did not get it bad so it's strange seeing all the restrictions" is just a silly thing to say on its own and I couldn't keep myself back from commenting on it
  5. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    Yeah it is. Just cause you did not get it bad does not mean it is not dangerous or worth strictly regulating.
  6. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    I was in a car crash once and didn't get hurt at all. Its weird seeing the measures the entire planet is taking on traffic control after having been in one.
  7. All art is inspired or influenced by things you have experienced before. Nothing is truly original. Saying that "not using reference imagines" is what makes a visual art piece original is purely arbitrary.
  8. csWaldo


    Update time This weeks update focusses on the CT side of the map. CT spawn was simplified a lot. A lot of CT players had issues figuring out where to go from spawn and retakes on A would be hindered by the long, winding paths onto site. The new version should make the CT spawn shorter, easier to read and more impactful: B site received an overhaul. The old site felt cramped, the height difference caused issues and the sightline from window felt awkward. The new version is essentially mirrored and cleaned up to feature a more open plant zone. The open silo stuck around a
  9. csWaldo

    de_orangeholes (WIP)

    My eyes are having a hard time here It would be a lot easier to see whats going on if your map had light and more neutral dev textures. The "reflectivity" ones are great for a simple, clean style.
  10. csWaldo

    de_kathmandu [WIP]

    The layout looks very pathy. The bits connecting your bomb sites and spawns don't just exist to get from the one to the other. You need more spacious areas outside of the sites that serve as the setup areas for both teams to take and retake sites. You should look at some official maps. Look how much space and cover they provide just before each choke point so that the attacking team can gather, hold their position and prepare their attack.
  11. csWaldo


    @esspho has been working on changes from our first Mapcore playtest including a new design for outside A (thanks @Roald for the suggestions!) while I've been working on and off on bombsite B's main attraction. Should be ready for another playtest soon!
  12. That harp model would benefit a lot from a better UV unwrap and maybe some better defined shading. The geometry looks good but those aspects look very rushed and poorly done.
  13. csWaldo


    Its regular water that for sure no industrial waste has spilled into! I swear!
  14. csWaldo


    The inside is not accessible, so it's basically a sightlines through the cover. We will need to see how that plays in the next playtest, but we thought the idea was neat.
  15. csWaldo


    another idea we want to try out on our next playtest...
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