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  1. csWaldo

    [CS:GO] Dawn

    The spawn is indeed tacked on and only there for timing reasons. I was a bit hesitant to create such a large area in one piece, because of the long and wide angles it creates, but I can probably figure out a way to make it work. Not sure what the buildings around that area will be, detailing wise, but a hotel would certainly fit nicely. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. csWaldo

    [CS:GO] Dawn

    The map may look familiar to some of you, as I posted and tested it here a few months ago. Since then I've basically remade the entire map, improving both art and gameplay. Inspired by dishonored the map is set in a dystopian, steampunk-ish city split by a large wall, separating the poor and working from the rich and powerful. Fed up with the state of affairs the terrorists try to blow up the power supply and residences of the wealthy. The project is mostly for me to improve at mapping and learn to create assets, but I still want to make it the best I can, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. More pictures here or over on the workshop page.
  3. csWaldo

    [CS:GO] de_dawn

    Hi =) I've been working on this greybox for a few weeks and it's now in a playable state. I've tried to convey some of the visuals I'm aiming for and already done some refining on timings and cover. The layout however is rather unusual and though I tried to make it fun and balanced it is really hard to judge that without the feedback of others. If any of you are interested in the map I'd love to hear and discuss your opinions on it. I am currently hosting the map here: (host in europe). Add me on steam if you'd like to play it with me. Workshop Imgur Hope you enjoy.