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  1. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    Youtube videos generally make poor sources and my french is a little rusty. But from what I can gather this video talks skeptically about about the efficacy of the covid vaccines for all groups while absolutely recommending them for those at risk. That's a valid point to talk about but given that most major institutions and countries recommend the vaccine for most age groups I'd rather go with that recommendation over the one from this particular institution. Can you please point me to the part where he is talking about vaccinated people being a larger risk towards others compared to the unvaccinated? It's in english but I think well educated people like you can read https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/fully-vaccinated-people.html https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02054-z What I said was exactly on topic. Vaccinated people are not risk free for others, but from the data we have they are for sure a lower risk for themselves and very likely a lower risk for others. I also never said "unvacc people are danger to society and must be shut down at all cost". I was merely calling bs on your claim that vaccinated people somehow pose are larger risk of infection to others. Stop attacking a straw man. Your posts deserve snide.
  2. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    Source? From everything I could gather, vaccinated people with breakthrough cases are likely just as infectious as unvaccinated people. However symptomatic cases and likely also asymptomatic cases are much less likely among vaccinated. There don't seem to be clear studies comparing the risks of infection from vaccinated vs unvaccinated people, however the data we do have suggests that the vaccinated to pose a lower risk to those around them. Because breakthrough cases still do occur in the vaccinated and because we cannot rule out infectious but asymptomatic cases entirely it is still recommended for vaccinated people to wear masks and practice good hygiene and social distancing. So from what I can tell no clear numbers saying that the vaccinated are fully safe but there is a clear trend towards reduced risk through vaccination. Certainly nothing that says that vaccinated people are somehow a greater risk to others. Speaking from a purely personal perspective, to me it looks like the people getting their vaccines are also the same people that already were quite conscious of the risk to them and to others. They are the type of people that always kept distance, wore their masks properly and still do with some mask mandates lifted. However there seems to be significant overlap between the people that engage in dangerous behavior during the pandemic and those that are still doubtful of the vaccines and refuse getting it for non medical reasons. I'm going to go out on a limb here and call bs on your claim. I think the people that refuse protection and show poor decision making regarding the pandemic are likely the larger risk.
  3. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    It's weird how that works. Suffering a deadly thrombosis from a vaccine somehow feels scarier than getting covid. I dont know how others feel about this but somehow in my head I always thought if I get covid I won't get a severe case. However when I hear about vaccination side effects I somehow assume I'll be among the people getting them. In reality the virus leaves you with a much higher chance of thrombosis than the vaccine does. So even when you don't consider all the other potential harms of an infection, getting the vaccine still comes out on top. Luckily most of my friends and my entire close family are vaccinated now. Seems like Covid will eventually turn into another seasonal respiratory disease we just have to live with but at least we will be pretty well protected from severe cases and long term harm. I just wish we did a better job with reasonable measures for public events and spaces. The infrastructure for testing and vaccination is pretty good now. Both seem like great measures to reduce risk from larger gatherings, especially when used together. But somehow most official restrictions still target minimum distance or number of people per amount of space. In my experience those rules are often poorly enforced if at all and given the number of people I see disregarding even personal space let alone 1.5 meters of distance, I doubt their efficiency is very high. Wouldn't mind sitting right next to vaccinated and or tested people in a restaurant again but I don't feel very safe sitting with people of unknown status that can't even manage to pull a face mask over their breathing holes.
  4. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    Not a personal thing. I just want to respond to those points because they are dumb. This says nothing about how safe or effective the vaccine is. Technology is improving and so are vaccines. "Newer" technologies like mRNA vaccines have been in research for decades and were a technology that would have come up with or without covid. Covid simply gave mRNA vaccines the reason, money and tons of test and control cases to quickly produce products from an already existing tech. Sure you always want to be cautious with new technologies. That is why the covid vaccines have undergone big trials like any other vaccine does. That is why the vaccinated population is being monitored for (long term) side effects. That is why when thrombosis was discovered as a possible side effect many countries temporarily stopped using AstraZeneca until the risk could be further quantified. "it's not a regular vaccine" might sound scary, but it is a terrible reason to dismiss the vaccine, because it is not founded on actual risks or benefits but simply on the gut instinct of "new = bad". Several doctors are telling me I can lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks if I believe everything I see. The long term effects of covid are not well known either, but what we know paints a clear picture of what is called "long covid". It can leave you physically and mentally impaired and in rehab for many months after the infection has cleared. Long covid seemingly gets much more likely if you have a severe case of covid and / or end up in the hospital / ICU. The vaccines have no documented effects comparable to long covid. They protect very well against severe cases and going to the ICU. Getting the vaccine will very likely vastly reduce your risk of suffering long term effects from this pandemic. Again speculating that a new thing might have bad long term effects weighs with no real data to back that up weighs in very poorly against the actual, well documented risks and benefits of the deases and the vaccines. Source? There is no real data or evidence to believe in this. It's purely speculative. Personally I would find this point a lot scarier if it wasn't mostly perpetuated by far right groups and the mouth breathers that reject wearing a face mask in tight, crowded spaces during a pandemic. Your freedom ends where another persons freedom begins. The right to a healthy body and life weighs higher than the right to not take basic measures to prevent dangerous diseases during a pandemic. No-one should be forced to get the vaccine. However if your personal decisions are a danger to other peoples health, you should draw the according consequences to your actions and not go anywhere where many people meet without at least getting tested first. And the state should be enforcing this because people can't even be trusted with wearing a face mask in a crowded tram during a deadly pandemic.
  5. A single prop can be made up of multiple meshes with different materials. In blender, assign each part a different material with a fitting name like "shelf_wood". You can then export the model and create the corresponding source material (shelf_wood.vmt). Make sure your source materials line up with the $cdmaterials you set in the models .qc file. I believe by default up to 32 materials / prop are supported. If you are heaving trouble exporting source props from blender and are using blender 2.8+, try source ops. It makes the whole process a lot easier and faster: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SourceOps https://github.com/bonjorno7/SourceOps
  6. csWaldo


    It's been a while since we posted a proper update here but a lot has changed in the last two months. - B site has received a full rework - rotations are faster and simpler - mid was reworked to make it fair and fun - outside A now has a tunnel connecting it directly to B site The version shown here should be live by tonight and we are hoping to finalize the layout soon. Feedback is, as always, very welcome and maybe I'll see some of you in the next playtest Radar: Screenshots:
  7. csWaldo


    Here's a little peek at our next update... https://gfycat.com/neglectedhoarsechickadee
  8. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    No hurt feelings "I did not get it bad so it's strange seeing all the restrictions" is just a silly thing to say on its own and I couldn't keep myself back from commenting on it
  9. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    Yeah it is. Just cause you did not get it bad does not mean it is not dangerous or worth strictly regulating.
  10. csWaldo

    Corona Virus

    I was in a car crash once and didn't get hurt at all. Its weird seeing the measures the entire planet is taking on traffic control after having been in one.
  11. All art is inspired or influenced by things you have experienced before. Nothing is truly original. Saying that "not using reference imagines" is what makes a visual art piece original is purely arbitrary.
  12. csWaldo


    Update time This weeks update focusses on the CT side of the map. CT spawn was simplified a lot. A lot of CT players had issues figuring out where to go from spawn and retakes on A would be hindered by the long, winding paths onto site. The new version should make the CT spawn shorter, easier to read and more impactful: B site received an overhaul. The old site felt cramped, the height difference caused issues and the sightline from window felt awkward. The new version is essentially mirrored and cleaned up to feature a more open plant zone. The open silo stuck around and works even better in the new version: The map also received a number of smaller changes. Most notably, the connector is no longer strictly a one way drop. You can get back up by jumping the gap from the convenient gap jumping board. Be weary of the sound cue it gives off: The map still has issues with unintentional amounts of fall damage, awp heavy sight lines and stiff pathing. We are already working to fix those. Thanks to everyone who keeps up with our map, joins our tests and gives feedback
  13. csWaldo

    de_orangeholes (WIP)

    My eyes are having a hard time here It would be a lot easier to see whats going on if your map had light and more neutral dev textures. The "reflectivity" ones are great for a simple, clean style.
  14. csWaldo

    de_kathmandu [WIP]

    The layout looks very pathy. The bits connecting your bomb sites and spawns don't just exist to get from the one to the other. You need more spacious areas outside of the sites that serve as the setup areas for both teams to take and retake sites. You should look at some official maps. Look how much space and cover they provide just before each choke point so that the attacking team can gather, hold their position and prepare their attack.
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