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  1. rosk

    Random Photo Thread

    Some new pictures
  2. rosk


    Finished! Happy to announce my entry into this contest has been completed. Sorry to not keep the thread updated but here we are! Merazo Thanks everyone for the feedback and replies!
  3. I bought my very first car! & very pleased with it! It's a 1987 Austin Mini Mayfair It currently has no registration so the plates on it are useless But it's what i'm working on for the next few years
  4. rosk


    Further progress on the CT spawn! Just behind T spawn here: (hud and gun models are on due to the wires not showing :s) View from mid to B connector: (kinda broke the lighting on the inside here)
  5. rosk


    CT spawn didn't make any sense of how they got there in the first place. A CT teaparty was my first idea but that didn't cut it. So here's the new Counter-Terrorist spawn (which makes sense this time). T spawn: Now with background buildings! Here's a bit of background scenery from just outside the B bombsite: Now here's the overview, missing a few models and roofing but the layout is there
  6. rosk


    no-one wanted another update so here's another update! New CT spawn: 3D skybox!! (view from T spawn): A wip wip wip storage place:
  7. rosk


    An update! (a small one) And a quick view from outside the map (placed inside some grapes for effect) (grape vine model isn't that good yet, maybe it's just a bad season for them)
  8. To join most people have to connect through one of their friends who have joined, sometimes that works a bit faster than usual. (yes it's weird but yeah). Downloading the map in advanced just makes you join a bit quicker, most people don't download the map before the test, most of the time there's no issue downloading it for other players. Anyway on Thursday the server did fill up incredibly quickly, i'm not sure if it's that or a problem on your end. However I don't know about your problem with the ping to the server. And the problem with the server not responding on the steam overlay. That's usually what happens for pretty much any game which uses the steam overlay
  9. rosk


    My new map for the 2017 contest! This is my new map Merazo, set in the grape vineyards of California (In the United States of America if you didn't know!) Here are some of the first screenshots from my map, some of the areas are still in development but I think I've got the theme down. Workshop version coming soon... Soon
  10. After a while of complaining; I finally got a graphics card upgrade! (well the only one that works with my cpu) Original Graphics card: GTX 960 2gb New: GTX 1060 6gb
  11. @RealaxFourX, Map link, I will update it soon @Roald yeah I wasn't so sure about the statue either. Maybe a historical statue. @Vaya
  12. As I promised to keep this updated, here's an update, sort of. It's a compile without VIS so don't question me on why it looks weird: Also this map needs a new name. Post your suggestions, of a new name?
  13. Some more detailing around the CT spawn area:
  14. Oh snap its back! I'm now working on this! Well, finishing it. This map is still @Terri's but he doesn't have the time to finish it, so its mine! Here are just a few screenshots from an early art version or detail preview that I've done: # (This is still very early versions, whatever, anyway I just wanted to revive the project after it being dead for a year) Also this was a very early version and I did some sort of weird compile. It was on fast settings, I will be updating this thread, sometimes, maybe. eh whenever.
  15. rosk

    Random Photo Thread

    The colors are brightened compared to the original picture, but this version brings out the pink a bit more
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