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  1. 2REK


    Before tests tomorrow some changes have been made based on the feedback i received from my friends. Main issues were: -long "corridors" that made sniping too easy -rotation times -terrorists route to mid New layout is smaller and features new entrance to bombsite A, as well as new route from Terrorist spawn. CT spawn area leading to bombsite B has been redesigned.
  2. 2REK

    The random model thread!

    Star Wars rifle model I did not so long ago
  3. 2REK


    Hello Mapcore I'm currently working on a defuse map based on old town of Gdańsk. Here are few screenshots Current layout: Here is Imgur gallery LINK with more screenshots. And here you can find Steam Workshop LINK.
  4. I was learning to make some advanced shapes in Substance Designer, so i made some hieroglyphic texture.
  5. 2REK

    The random model thread!

    So some time ago i started modelling weapon. Thought it would be composed only of some scrap elements (metal rods, some pipes etc.) Didn't rly have time to finish modelling or texturing.
  6. It is true that it's mindless. But playtest will show to what gameplay it will lead.
  7. Is there some tool to create heatmaps?
  8. Marina was initially designed 3 years ago as a level set in Marina in Agadir (Marocco) Photo, but i had no time/skill/you name it back then to finish it. Map was never tested and now it was reworked back to greybox stage. I want finally finish some bigger project now that i know how to make props and textures so i will be very grateful for any advice. Some screenshots here Bombsite A Bombsite B Road to B Terrorist spawn The biggest concern was no "typical" mid so that is why i want this map to be tested. I want to see if this layout will work out in game. Workshop link
  9. I'm (you can say) new to texturing / texture creation but this is what i managed to make aluminium foil texture in B2M.
  10. Some de_inferno styled town. I started doing this project to learn something more about hammer and stuff. I wanted to finish and release it but i was tired of watching similar "infernos" around workshop so i abandoned the project even though i started modeling assets. I wanted to make some nice gungame/arms race map based around middle-east styled palace that was hit by a missle and is now recovering, but i lost my interest after finishing the first asset. This is funny one because it is failed attempt on creating map for Gamebanana's High-attitude mapping contest. I was just learning about map brush limits and making assets in external programs like blender/3dsmax. I tried to make everything from brush so you see where it was going. Story behing this map is also interesting. It was to be based in a world after nuclear war, that has entered the "nuclear-winter" state. So to gather power from sun (as the nuclear power is banned now) people has to build solar farms above the clouds. The whole map is just big flying "drone" that has arms with solar panels attached to it. I found nice skybox that was well fitting the idea( 3d skybox back then was magic to me). The project was scrapped when i hit the brush limit, and also my idea that arms of the station will fall down on round start was undoable for me back then.
  11. 2REK

    [WIP] de_rapid

    Hello mapcore. I started this map a little time ago. I wanted to create some fast gameplay cs go map. I finished some playable versions and made 2 playtests. But the map is still way before being completed. Here are few screenshots of current version. I set up test server at: (Warsaw, PL) Workshop link : link I'm not pro mapper (yet :D) so opinions are welcome.
  12. 2REK


    ​I just meant winning by quality I also don't think art cooperates with competition.
  13. 2REK


    I'm not pro but i think contest should not be about winner but about trying to create quality content.
  14. 2REK

    [wip] de_rapid

    Update: If someone want to play the map test server is now up and running at
  15. 2REK

    [wip] de_rapid

    I started this map some time ago, but i never really got to finish it. I already made some props for it but i will need some time and playtesting to finish it. I called it maglev for now as it is to be set in near future in some service warehouses for maglev railways. As for now im trying to fix the mid area near CT spawn as it is not working so well right now. Here i post some actuall map screenshots.
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