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  1. UNREA1

    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Looking so good.
  2. UNREA1

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    Oh my... I had forgotten this existed. D': My body is ready!
  3. UNREA1

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    You definitely did your homework, I'm from Portugal and that already feels like home to me.
  4. Well.. I'm not really familiar with other "FPS Level Design tools" but I'm pretty sure it can do all the things the current SDK can and more, it's just a diferent interface. It still is Source after all. But I understand what you mean tho, if I were to pick one to map for CS:GO, unless I was making really open nature maps I'd definetely stay with the current one. I think you could always do Brushwork if you got off the Tile Editor, which I think was created specificly for Dota 2 seeing as it uses premade terrain tiles. I don't have it installed atm or I'd check it out.
  5. I think CS:GO will definetely be getting ported soon, and if it is we should expect a second client (CS:GO Reborn LUL) and a good 6 months of bug fixing followed by a massive update. I most play Dota and played through the transition to Source 2 (Dota 2 Reborn), it introduced about 10 billion bugs and some of my friends PC couldn't run the game anymore. But I think VALVE handled the situation very well. Yeah, you can do that, it's preeetty sick, along with some other really cool stuff, such as spraying props around (something I think was in SourceSDK but never really worked properly). I played around with the Dota 2 tools when it came out, the whole interface is much more modern and clean, took some getting used to but I think it's definetely the way to go for CS.
  6. UNREA1


    Yeah, I did that for some, stone wall, stones, etc. A few reference images to show where I got inspiration from, Portugal is a very beautiful country you people should definetely consider visiting us if one day you get the chance to! With this map I tried to go for a mix of all these elements (there were more) but I thought it would be too much. In the end I think those I selected worked well together.
  7. UNREA1


    Indeed, the colors could be a little less saturated. Could a similar effect be achievable using Color Correction? I never got to play around with it, not even sure if CS:GO supports it. It would just save me time of going through all the textures again, and perhaps make the map art look more consistent. And since we're talking about colors, I should add that in the begining I actually studied this before starting and ran some tests using Adobe Color to figure which ones would really complement each other. I knew I wanted to use those 4 colors (most used in these typical houses), and I actually put a lot of effort in the prep fase to get everything right. xD I'll look into this. Thanks for the comment! Already had a very nice chat with @leplubodeslapin, who recomended me a guide to perfect the maps lighting, and I'll definetely be improving it in the final version eventually! About the textures, yeaaah.. xD I'm definetely not a 2D artist. I do try my best though to do something with what I've got! I hate the contrast between the custom textures and the dirtier ones - specially in the winery area (path to A). I'll be looking to fix this issue as well. Thanks! <3
  8. UNREA1


    Alright I might need some help right now. The original version like @Beannie mentioned it had a problem which was causing the lower radar not loading. The .txt file looked something like this: So all I did was switching the _dev013 to _rc1 to match the current map name. (Even tho I don't think that first line is used for anything really) I went on to update the map on the Workshop_publish tool, and asked a friend, who had the same bug to test it out. Surprise, surprise, its even worse and aparently now is acting totally random. So, I'm extremly pissed now. Update as I was posting: It seems that the Workshop does not look for the upper and lower files. So VALVe is actually to blame here. I thought this layered radar thing was gonna become a thing, but the Workshop doesn't even support it aparently. It's the only reason I can see that this is happening... BTW I came to this conclusion after running like 5 different updates on the dev build in the Workshop, which has 15,000 subscribers... So sorry guys! Another fun fact: I cleaned my radar file to look like this: And guess what, my game still knows the exact height coordinates to switch between lower,normal and upper layers!! This is absurd. Where is this information stored? I even restarted my game... :C New update: managed to fix the bug in the _dev build, gonna roll it out on the main one... I'm tired. Solution: Don't ever use layered radars unless you work for VALVe and you're making de_nuke. EDIT: So I managed fixed that... The way I did it was I removed the upper and lower layers. Switched the radar names to new ones (just in case) and it worked on my friends PC, so now I'll be rocking my sick layered radar, while you subscriber plebs will be playing with a flat boring default one. Sometimes I wish someone at VALVe would listen to me whine about all the quality of life updates they could do to the Workshop. It's 2017 and each time you update half your maps description is gone. Layered radars are not supported by the Workshop even though they work if you have the files. Self-promoting people on my maps page... Gambling websites non-stop... I thought penis ASCCI copypasta was bad enough.. Do they not see this? AAAAAAAAH!111
  9. UNREA1


    Thanks man! Yeah I already took notice of this and will be fixing soon. That's because I made a layered radar, but for some reason the upper and mid height parts work, the lower one doesn't. Should be an easy fix anyway when I look into it.
  10. UNREA1


    Thanks man! <3 There ya go There. <3
  11. UNREA1


    Haha thanks man, people seem to be cheering me up with this one.
  12. UNREA1


    Alright guys, sorry for the long wait, most of you probably don't even remember who I am anymore. But I feel obligated to let you know that I finally released DE_Portugal. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842297085 Yeah, it took me like a year and 4 months, mostly because life got in the way (multiple times) and I've lost motivation. Lots of f-ed up sh*t happened. However I have great friends who pushed me to the finish line, and I finally decided to get back to it and finishing. I can't say I'm proud of this map, but I'm definetely proud I was able to release it. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842297085 Thanks to everyone who gave their contribution to this project, I'm sorry if I disapoint you. Probably won't be touching this for atleast 1-2 weeks. I need to take a rest.
  13. ^This. You wanna avoid using carving at all cost. Plus the method I presented results in a much cleaner view which can help if your map becomes very crowded to work in hammer.
  14. Do not rotate or carve! Assuming this is our front view, what you wanna do is either make every line horizontal, and then move one of the ends up or down using the vertex manipulation tool, like so. Now if you were to do this on an angle from the top view, you'd probably have to use an instance, but I don't think its the case.
  15. UNREA1

    Euro 2016

    Yeah, what I want to say tho is that while we didn't exacly beat them in regular time, truth is NO ONE beat us during the tournament, thats gotta mean something, and to me it's not the anti-football thing. Today we were blessed once more by Rui Patricio (GK) our hero, but before that Pepe was an hero, when Renato put us back in the game he too was an hero, just to name a few. The fact that we won vs France (could very well be our nemesis in recent history), in France, WITHOUT our star player Ronaldo, against all odds and after 90 minutes and all the international trash talk, I gotta admit it feels WAY TO GOOD to be portuguese right now. To me personally, it feels like this was the only possible outcome, it couldn't have gone any other way, everything feels too fucking perfect. Everyone is still outside 2am and its monday tomorow.