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  1. I voted for daytime at first, my team did prefere night, we were thinking of making 2 versions... maybe one day!
  2. GG to my team! The map still need some heavy optimisation, there are some huge fps drops (at T spawn the whole map is in line of sight and I didn't find a way to fix that for the moment) and some art pass, I'm still not happy with the overall color scheme, some textures lack detailing. We will probably update it after the end of the contest... If I still have the energy to work on it, it was pretty time consuming! Thank you all for the support !
  3. Little Update : @Quotingmc suggested night time : Also need some help/advice : I tried to make models for the lights on the sides of the boat : With those parameters : "UnlitGeneric" { $basetexture "yacht/water_light" $surfaceprop glass $translucent 1 $selfillum 1 $nocull 1 $selfillumtint "[174 58 224]" } "UnlitGeneric" to make it transparent AND selfillum because those doesn't work together with "VertexLitGeneric") But it doesn't look like real light spots ... The idea here is to save some ressources so the poor Source engine does
  4. That was the first waves test : Made with simple animated dummies : If someone know how to applie the canal_water shaders on a model, let me know please And here are some animated sails, same method as for the waves :
  5. Indeed!!! didn't know about that map
  6. Hi I'm working on a demolition map for the csmapmakers subreddit contest with @Quotingmc and @VIOLATION. We have a layout we are happy with and I started making models for it. Here are some screenshots : The main reason I'm posting my work is to ask @Yanzl and @'RZL an important question... Please, could we use some of your models from Resort? \o/ (I believe it's Yanzl's work :p) I'm asking because I'm not a 3D modeler, I can barely use the extrude thing in 3Ds Max, I press the Auto Smooth button and I
  7. Man! Thank you so much for this! I was struggling all day with the UV's and spent all morning watching videos and NO ONE spoke about those modifiers!! Thank you very much for all your hard work, I love what you do for the mapping community, I would have never got this far without your software and I'm sure I'm not the only one here!! P.S.: Love you again!
  8. Ow... haven't thought about those .... Will try right now. Edit : It works !!! @Terri I love you ! Thank you thank you !
  9. Hello ! I need help for the rendering of a model : Here on the first screenshot you can see a pile of plastic bottles and a cage, But when they are combined in one, the cage feels the need to cast some weird shadows on the bottles. I mean look at the direction of the sun light ! There is no need to cast a black shadow.... It looks pretty cool in the model viewer : Is the game considering the cage as a "closed box" ? Does it have something to do with the compiling parameters of Hammer? (I use Full compile - HDR only, I'm not good at those things, I just know that if I run
  10. Did it, seemed ok, and then MM and it works too! Thank you
  11. Oh ok thank you for your answer... I did reconnect to a MM match ... I hope I wont be kicked again
  12. Hey! Sorry to post it here, I was working all day on those models and now I started a Matchmaking game and after about 6 rounds, the game disconects me and I get a VAC error Oo Something is blocking VAC on my computer ... It redirects me on this page : https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2117-ILZV-2837 They tell me to remove all custom textures and skins .... I have been changing the mdl and vtf files all day and I'm on windows 8 (the worst one) Did you guys had anything similar? I'm affraid I don't want to lose my account, I just make maps and models, I don't
  13. tchick

    [CS:GO][WIP] cs_gulch

    Hey I was pushing the displacements to its limits and... my mind stopped working, could someone please help me here : I have a river which flows arround a mountain, but how do I make the "corner"? I cant use triangles because it should be "displacable" and I cant "skew" the squares because the texture on them will be wrong ... my mind just cant understand it lol Plz hlp thx Edit : Ok I got the answer : (thx Quotingmc) I just have to make a smoother turn ... http://worldofleveldesign.com/categories/sourcesdk-authoringtools/creating-roads-in-hammer-source-part5-curved
  14. tchick

    [CS:GO][WIP] cs_gulch

    Indeed you are right, it looks better when the saturation is toned down. I will work on it, thank you!
  15. tchick

    [CS:GO][WIP] cs_gulch

    Yes you are right we need distinc areas, I was thinking about this kind of stuff, refinery/gas station, a piece of abandonned highway (raod 66 a la Overwatch), mine, military base, indian territorry, farm ... Yeah, I will think about it
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