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  1. Welhp, guess I'm mapping again now. This time, I'll actually finish a project DE_UNITY - Terrorists have decided to target a nuclear facility in hopes of causing trouble around the area, the FBI have been deployed to stop them. I've only done some basic brushwork around T spawn, the rest of just conceptual layout which will hopefully be tweaked and changed with feedback and playtesting. Feedback on layout is much appreciated. Overview with Chokepoints (Roughly): Basic Overview / Radar: Screenshots:
  2. Muffin

    [csgo] de_venezia

    Anomaly played this map when he was showcasing his newly unboxed shadow daggers :D. Ur mep is fa moose.
  3. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_stars

    Straight Outta Ammo? Straight Outta Awpton? Awptown Funk You Up?
  4. Muffin

    [CSGO] de_aggro

    THere are tons of places to hide, for sure. Try simplifying the paths and removing uneeded clutter hiding spots
  5. Muffin


    The map looks ready for a Playtest. (https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17116-mapcore-csgo-playtesting-40/) get one there. One thing I mght suggest is spicing up middle. Looking at the overview and screenshots, middle doesnt look very interesting to play and is hard to take as a t.
  6. Muffin


    Played in this map before... I feel like the map can get a little confusing at times, but otherwise this is a great map!
  7. Muffin

    [WIP] de_alps

    You should instead get a playtest here: https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17116-mapcore-csgo-playtesting-40/
  8. Muffin


    Personal Blog much? lel
  9. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    Nope. Lol. But I have a slight understanding.
  10. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    ​Well im sorry bout that...
  11. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_nonameyet

    Judging by the overview, the map looks very bland, simple, and tight.
  12. Try posting screenshots on the OP (Orig Post). It attracts way more viewers.
  13. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_flashbeng

    Not much to say right now. THe brushwork is rather nice though, it's good to keep the map clean
  14. Muffin


    GL Lizard
  15. Muffin

    [WIP] de_waterway

    It's way to open in some areas IMO
  16. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_stars

    Obvious answer to your billboard question.. mapcore ad
  17. Muffin


    Good luck on the contest bro!
  18. Muffin


    Amazing... It looks like a mix of season and train, clean and green, but with more of a rusty feel too it, of course jungle-ish as well.
  19. Muffin

    CSGO Map Detailing Tips

    Do you have a specific process in implementing those stuff once a reference is found? For example: I add basic brushwork, then detail, then add texture(horrible example). thanks btw.
  20. Does anyone here have tips on detailing cs go maps with only default textures. Specifically on facility-like maps. For example: making and placing windows in the right places, making the scene realistic, etc. so. Any tips? :)
  21. Yes... i mean if your'e looking at inferno apts for the excuse of thin paths, that's not enough. Look at middle, alt middle, heck even banana! They are all wide enough to pull off nades and have a fair firefight. If it ever happens.
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