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    Finally, a map I am going to finish because no one will be there to greatly criticize my layout . Thanks to MaanMan for helping with testing, ideas, and overall great helping. THEME CHANGE!: Crystal Mining facility! UPDATED IMGUR PICTURE ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/zTo1C Workshop Link: (Don't mind the bad screenshot) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=424256104 For now, please provide feedback
  2. Some of the jumps are way too EASY and screw up timings largely. Make them harder jumps so that it is greatly "risk reward"
  3. How do you make such a good radar?
  4. Already looks very visually impressive. Good job
  5. Muffin

    de_mdina (CSGO)

    Any ideas on the layout?
  6. Muffin


    Well i won't have much time for, maybe the next week and a half or 2 weeks so i won't be able to schedule a playtest... you don't have to be at the playtest, just compile the bsp and link it to google drive and get the playtest ready. They host it there
  7. Do you have your bombsites, player spawns, and other player related things setup correctly?
  8. Instead of clicking play with friend, you can also select find a game but you can invite friends
  9. Muffin

    [CS:GO] De_Stad

    Looks very nicely built already. Very smooth.
  10. Im not an expert at decompiling, but I am guessing that the file is simply corrupt
  11. Muffin


    Well you've obviously mapped before (?) cause your brushwork looks experienced. One thing I would suggest it too stop detailing for now so that you can recieve feedback from fellow mapcorians, without struggling to make changes. Try to schedule a playtest here :
  12. Muffin

    [CSGO][WIP] Venice

    I agree with Jackophant. I think you should give T's room to work with and decent cover before actually being contested at the bombsites.
  13. Muffin


    Did you quit the project? The workshop link isnt working.
  14. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_reato

    Exploit: Trick jumps are always nice
  15. Muffin


    Yeah, it's not the most varied, diverse theme. I also don't think it's overly practical as a concept. I don't know many terrorists striking fear into the hearts of a nation by bombing an old ruin with no people around, with no militaristic value. Btw, you don't need to quote a whole post, especially one as long as mine. Just clip it out as I have done for you I'm on my phone and really lazy right now
  16. I would try not to detail the map right now as you probably want feedback on your map. Detailing will make it harder to do drastic changes to the map
  17. Muffin


    */me in high pitched voice* Guilty as charged! I often browse mapcore at work so I can't run around maps, so I have to go from what I see and hope that what you show. Unless it's a lot further into development then I'll try and make the effort to have a look around because the finer detail needs a closer look. You don't need to be in the map to see potential layout problems, especially when an overview is provided. 2:1 for stairs is a maximum, don't overuse it: the exposed stairs at the back work, the tight corridor leading midway into the site is far too steep for how enclosed it is.
  18. yeah, well don't expect responses on your post everyday, sometimes people don't reply for weeks at a time
  19. Muffin


    Make both bombsites more detailed, not asthetics wise, but try to brighten up the bombsites, make them more than just generic platforms with generic crates. For example, you could make bombsite A a temple, and make bombsite b larger, and maybe add a pit too it. Just overall make the map more strategic and not rooms and passages( Ive had the same problem )
  20. Muffin


    Try to move yourself around In overview mode, it should appear eventually (Short A)
  21. Sounds like an interesting concept. You can get playtests here: Edit: I sound so unenthusiastic.
  22. Muffin


    Remember to update the screenshots when done .
  23. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_reato

    The map looks REALLY good. I can see the inspiration from Inferno as well. You should get this to playtest ASAP.
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