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  1. Its fine Looking forward to the daylight ones
  2. Hey @0kelvin, if you need help or discuss a few things about calculus or statistics, I'd be happy to help
  3. Hey, sorry for the late reply It's an interesting project indeed. I see that you are aiming to retranscribe quite the moody spirit. I'm seeking for the word in English but I'm not sure I'm finding the appropriate one, but I would use the french expression "errance nocturne" to describe the feelings I'm getting out your series. As if you wandered through the night searching for answers in the foggy streets resisting you and not revealing themselves clearly. Is that close to your state of mind with regards to that series?
  4. @El Moroes I saw you were doing paid photography, I was also wondering if you were doing street photography/travel photography as your own personal projects? I see you have quite the joyful eye in photography, and that is something I've felt in Deathloop you've been working on, so... that's an interesting thought for me
  5. Haven't been here in a while. However I read an amazing paper on path tracing that made me wanted to share it here since it opens in my opinion a boulevard to true realtime path-tracing for games! Artists will loooooooove path tracing, and so will gamers if we finally manage to make it happen! Anyway, the paper is on learning the light distribution through a neural network more or less. It works very well and is quite impressive. (Paper link ) It is an elegant idea that we shouldn't look light as camera dependent but for what it actually is in physics: a vector field (Well in practice it'd be magnetic and electric field, so two fields (but same thing) ). As soon as you have this, all the information you need can be precomputed, you can hope to infer pixel values fast for static scenes, and here on have interactive frame rates when the hardware follows. Anyhow. Hope it got everyone excited as much as it did for me and have a good day everyone!
  6. The raytracing from AMD or Nvidia, yay or nay for the future of gaming?
  7. Looks perfectly fine on Samsung's browser. It may be browser dependant (seems he's using chrome?). Maybe that'll help down the line to pinpoint the issue if it's a more general issue.
  8. Cherish that, it's unfortunately not an international standard :/ my school in France was exactly like yours, we had support and we were treated as capable people, but then I had the weird idea to do a double degree in Switzerland where I have the worst teachers I've ever seen pedagogically speaking, so many people are depressed and the university still finds it a non-issue. Trust me you'll learn greatly and be happy to study and that's gold
  9. There are people already doing research on that, but: procedural generation of content could benefit a lot from machine learning ( maybe use of the GAN techniques? ). You could also look into deep networks for aspect matching and rendering. (Aspect matching being about finding shader parameters to match the aspect of a material on a picture or more, and rendering about outputting pixels based on some parameters without having to render effectively the scene or one type of effect (there have been recent papers on cloud rendering using NNs and about denoising with neural networks (more useful for path tracers), maybe that could work for faster AA though (if you become millionaires with that,do quote me on that ) ) ). There is also work on animation and physics simulation, notably fast fluid simulation for games or hair simulation. ( it may be best fit for the first one though). (This is coming as a computer science and engineering student though)
  10. Watched the first season of the bureau (bureau des l├ęgendes being the original title), and it was quite refreshing to see a good French show amidst all the American non sense with explosion everywhere or ultra high tech thingies all over the place.. Recommend it!
  11. Now we know how he could have sent Dwight letters from the CIA!
  12. Here i thought Switzerland was the worse but the chauvinistic mind in the us is so real... that this major makes me reconsider my chart !
  13. Disney is doing cool stuffs with that currently! They speeded up production from a facyor of 10 if i recall correctly with deep neural networks for denoising. Some people have worked on path guiding for path tracers. Seems like the groundwork for real time path tracers. Or did you meant machine learning for procedurally generating content?
  14. Time to embrace the red side of the force... Isn't there a way to use shadowplay without GeForce experience? ReLive for and cards comes with the drivers and therefore can be used without additional software and I bet there is a way to do it with Nvidia drivers as well when updating them, maybe?
  15. Depends on your initial dpi, I'm at 1 with 800 dpi, which would be 2 with 400 I have the most popular keyboard it seems! But it's understandable since it is one of the cheapest well built mechanical keyboards !
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