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  1. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Seems like the game did not sell very well and that they are trying to drive sales. That's probably why they made a demo available as well. A lot of the mixed reviews come from the overall buggy experience some player had 2, so making a demo available to know whether you can run it properly or not helps. (I personally wouldn't have bought it otherwise since I didn't want to get stuck at a measly 30fps). It can help driving the sales of the older games as well. So it probably made sense for them to do it despite pissing off people.
  2. Session - A new skateboarding game

    Too bad it doesn't look as smooth as the skate 1 to 3 games used to. Another game EA should have kept on doing if you ask me
  3. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Nice a demo is out! Edit: How hard is it to make a game which launches propely...
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Best highlight is the Mario impression of APeX when asked what feature they should add! That's my humble opinion They won 2-0 yesterday havent they?
  5. Battlefront 2

    That's why some Danish police dept is making fun of them by somewhat comparing it to as scam
  6. EA just killed Visceral

    All of that to buy another studio they'll close in a few years like this one... Seems like it when looking at eurogamers headline
  7. The Olympics Committee officially opens to eSport

    There was tiger woods as well, he could still play anyway. Same for Kobe (I think he wasn't convicted as guilty? I'd have to check). That was my point. Unethical behaviors aren't punished in regular sports, so they cannot say e sports aren't suitable because of ethics.
  8. The Olympics Committee officially opens to eSport

    Well you could argue that the kng incident was private then since it wasn't during the match though... so private stuff matters from an ethical standpoint. They face consequences sometimes, not all the time, and they are allowed to play anyway. For the fifa world cup example, the suspension was only for international games, he could still play in his club anyway. Well it would happen in 2024 anyway, so it makes sense to think about it now to make the necessary debate beforehand. (since when the uk agrees with the rest of the world anyway.? )
  9. The Olympics Committee officially opens to eSport

    There is an e sport organization in France at least, maybe that'll be enough to start something in the right direction. To be fair, the kng situation has many equivalents in sports features in the Olympic games. That type of situation is basically up to the fact that there is a lot of money involved. There have been occurrences of NBA players convicted for conjugal violence, sexual assault etc. There are games in basketball, football, etc where players hit each other on the playing field. (We all remember in France the occurrence of the head stroke during an international football competition in 2006 if I remember right, or the Ron Artest incident in NBA). There has been gambling in handball from many of the French team in their own handball club with something similar to the ibuypower situation, and the response from Valve was more radical than what happened to those guys who were just fined. Oh and let's not forget the violence of trainers regarding athletes sometimes. That was the reason I quit professional prospects in sports a few years back. I'm all for more equality and respect in e sports, but many of its flawscannot be used against them at the Olympics without a tint of irony and hypocrisy on the Olympics deciders part.
  10. Computer graphics, my journey to understanding

    Been quite busy, hence the late follow up. Spent some time learning how to sample randomly directions and everything. The goal of that was simply to lay ground for direct and global illumination algorithms for more complex effects. Basically, in direct illumination, the complexity will be added by what you do when your camera ray hits the scene. There are a few approach then. The two easiest are the following: - You can sample the directions in which the reflected ray will be sent, and look if it hits a light. You then assign it a probability corresponding to the surface material, and finally you'll divide the corrected color value by this probability. the color value will be a product of the value of the light, the effect of the surface material, and geometric correction terms. You get a result like this on a test scene with limited sample number (here it was 64). As you can see, it doesn't perform well on the right. It is this way, because when you shoot the ray, then choose a random point on the larger emitter, you will more easily find a point where the contribution will be negligible, because of geometry properties. It therefore wastes computation resources on useless contribution, and isn't optimal in that type of case. - You can also sample points on your emitter surfaces, and add the contribution of a ray going from this point to the intersection of the scene and the camera ray. Here you will do the same computation, but with fixed directions. The probability will have to be computed in a different measure to be coherent. In this method you end up with a lot of noise, and bad results for the smaller emitter. This comes from the fact that the probability to hit it is smaller, and therefore you will waste samples in this opposite case. The idea behind this and the division by a probability is that you want to integrate over all possibilities the contribution of lights for each directions using the Monte Carlo method. This method approximate the integral of f(x)p(x) by a mean of f(xi) where xi are distributed according to the probability p (I can explain the mathematical details further if that interest you). As this method is a bit slow in terms of converge (O(sqrt(N)) where N is the number of samples), dividing by relevant probability density functions can help convergence if this function approximate well the integrand. That's why we divided by the probabilities in the two method explained. An interesting thing you can do is to combine those methods by a linear combination of them to get the best of both worlds. This is called multiple importance sampling. As you can see, here you get the best of both worlds in the same computation time as the other two. Next will come indirect illumination and why and how photon mapping can be useful, and how it relates in a way to other techniques like normal maps, or ambient occlusion maps. (PS, what is the best place to link pictures from? (It's very picture heavy and I'm hitting the limit, but I don't want to put those pictures on imgur either ) ).
  11. The Olympics Committee officially opens to eSport

    People organizing Paris games wanting to get a reasonably not too bankruptcy causing olympic games they want to find where is the money in a way.
  12. The Olympics Committee officially opens to eSport

    You can do a paintball game, I was thinking about it. But you can do it as a police training mode or something like that, this way you can try to keep it serious
  13. The Olympics Committee officially opens to eSport

    Everything but what everyone wants to watch I'm pretty sure when Mr Estanguet suggested exports, he was thinking about Lol-Dota-CS-starcraft. Well at best you'd have seen r6 siege-overwatch-hearthstone-age of empire, but nothing else less popular
  14. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Boltz is fine, he just won epicenter with SK
  15. What have you purchased recently?

    Congrats! Those cpu are somewhat hard to get in many places!