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  1. It wasn't meant to be offensive. I took my own case that society finds successful, to illustrate that it doesn't necessarily make me happy. I anything I know I'm less able to do anything in real life because of my theoretical studies, so no, I'm not being arrogant, and I repeat, I said I have success only in the eyes of society. I never said either that other people don't suffer as well. It's just that when you don't have the resources to get better you can always blame the society for it and stay alive and fight it. However when you get to a place where you have all the resources but the pain is still there, you feel even more helpless since you have nothing to blame for not being able to overcome the pain.
  2. Personnally I said that because, as successful as my studies can be, I still majorly feel depressed. I have all I need, and I'm destined to a life of relative success. My parents take care entirely of me during my studies, I attended the second school in France and I'll go into the 9th university in the Shanghai rankings. I'm very lucky to be where I am. However that did put me in a position where I can look at parts of the world for what they are. Being that lucky also gave me time to reflect and to find pain in seeing all the wrong humanity is doing to itself ans its environment. It's overwhelming, and I know a few in my exact solution who took their life. I don't know if that gives you an idea. In my analogy, the mutation is just a beginning of change, and change is eliminated by society, even though society itself isn't in the most perfect shape it could. Of course, being successful is something less to worry about, and I do not say it separates people etc. The example I gave with my own life is there to explain that being successful can give a different point of view on life which can be as depressing. (I didn't meant to brag or anything either as success is bound by one's happiness more than by something objective). To me this shows that the tabu related to suicide is a wrong thing. Because the sole idea of wanting to do it isolate you from the rest of society, and sometimes denies you the help you need, since you don't necessarily feel like you're entitled to get some help. Indeed, when he had every help he could want, he hasn't got the one he needed. My theory being that it was because he didn't think he could get it, or that it even existed. On that last point, having seen people go through that, there is an irrationality that arose at the moment of the suicide, no matter what rational argument was thrown at the person, the mind was irationnaly set on this idea.
  3. That's an interesting perspective, however it also shows that the society fights each and every mutated cell with every chance it's got. This prevents evolution among the society and keeps it perfectly in its current state. Issue is that the current state isn't perfect and not allowing it to be questioned is an impending disaster. As someone who is fortunate in a way, I understand why super rich people can be depressed. When you see the world full of possibilities in theory but not quite in practice, it's very sad and overwhelming to see. You feel like you have Been wrong all along.. that may be his case with the dissapointment of not being able to overcome his past?
  4. Haven't BIG seriously abused the crouch jump bug in that particular game to make their comeback on the CT side?
  5. Suicide is still too tabu in western societies, that's why we still have too much of them... It's like society doesn't make us feel like we are allowed to be sad, which subsequently lead to isolation and to a breaking point, we there it is suicide, a burnout, etc. And the more successful you are the less you are allowed to feel sadness. (That's why celebrities or highly educated students or highly successful employees sometimes go down like this...) On his suicide, that's sad... especially for certain generations who have grown with Linkin Park as superstars in the musical landscape! For all of those who feel numb or want to faint, or feel like you're one step closer of a runaway, well, in the end... it's easier to run without a papercut if we don't let these songs be forgotten ! (Damn we could write an entire somewhat cohesive article with their song names!)
  6. Damn the first alien one looks like it has been made from alien isolation artworks!
  7. Ahah I see my problem then... I sleep an awful lot. At least 8h-8h30. And my jour of hammer is more an hour of playing cs go instead I really need to get my shit together and actually starts programming the renderer I meant to start then..
  8. Haven't find the motivation to start a few big projects I had for the summer... how can one find it after 7 hours of menial work and 2 hours of transportation every day? At least I started finding a few things for my big move to Zürich. Would one have any advice on moves to another country for studies?
  9. It's a mathematical object which embodies the theorem that there is such a shape in 3 dimensions which has exactly two equilibrium points, one stable and one unstable, while being cover and homogeneous. The manfucturing of such a shape took 12 years for Gabor Domokos. Funny thing is that it ressemble the shape of the shell of some turtles and insects, thus demonstrating once again the beauty of natural selection! It looks like this : I'm offering one to my gf as a symbol of harmony for our relationship, and as such symbol of Harmony, it was displayed in the Hungarian pavilion in 2010 for I think it was a universal fair. It's also a symbol for mathematics, since it is a concrete image of an abstract theorem, as well as in a weird way, mathematical beauty. Saw your video! That's an insane amount of dopamine we get. He hasn't talk that much about that, but I do wonder how it is correlated to dopamine release under irl social interactions, and if evolution made us social animals like this because of this addiction?
  10. Hi there Mapcore! Since it's the science thread, let me share a nice thing I became aware of again recently for a gift. I remembered the Gömböc, the object or 12 years of studies and the embodiment of a mathematical theorem. It's a precision piece with really amazing properties of stability. Has anyone heard of it and do you guys want me to fetch you all the infos about it?
  11. For the sleeping, you could try to reset your sleeping cycles. Like tiring yourself and train your brain to sleep at fixed hours with something like melatonin. Worked wonderfully for me. As for the self esteem, the key is to ignore the rest of the world. Loads of people seem happier than they actually are. Same goes for people who seem like geniuses. Most aren't and give this illusion and the few who actually are, tend to be over critical about themselves anyway. It's all about letting go off things if you ask me. Letting go of your image you think you have, the image of other you see, the fears etc.
  12. I'm a student in a french engineering school. It was at Ecole Centrale Nantes, for their prototype! The facility is open to all twice a year. During their promotion day and during the science day. Since I'm from Ecole Centrale Paris, I might be able to negotiate visits or reading material for a Mapcore field trip :), since the schools are in the same group in a way. I haven't worked on it though! My project was about datacenters cooling Where I saw it, the wind was done with large fans all over the place blowing in ducts to channel the air flow. They could simulate high velocity winds with it. As for the waves, they used specific shapes for the edges developed to act as a filter of relatively low frequency waves. Facility presentation link
  13. I visited one facility like it but smaller, it was meant to be a testing field for wave based energy production in high seas, as well as shell shape design like in your video facility. It was quite impressive. It is quite hard to simulated such an environment, because it's often veeeery windy in high seas and because waves reflection on the bassin edges are a huge no no in certain cases, so you need to account for that in some cases. Interesting stuff indeed!
  14. I only watch pro matches during majors to learn as well Very informative though. The scene recently seem lest stale than it was at one point, that makes for varied approaches of the game which are interesting to study so as to map with teamwork in mind. No one knows what the heck they do with that money except them I'm afraid... They don't make that many games anymore, so I'd say they majorly invest in VR and e-sports?
  15. Don't you want a dragon lore ice cream cone instead of 3 normal ice creams? You can't earn them, but you can randomly get some. I personnally bought all my skins by reselling souvenir cases I got by watching majors. It did participate in the business since someone's money got in buying those cases. Don't know if that would make you comfortable with it considering that fact?