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  1. Tensei

    What I'm Working On

    These crates kick back the 1.6 dust 2 feel. the explosive boxes
  2. I might add in some too then.
  3. So far it doesnt look like 5v5 Defusal map. It could be Demolition only so far.
  4. Looks pretty much good for a start. ;3 And now something happens what im pissed off about. Seems like you cant angle displacements upwards or downwards (brush mode) and angle them to left and right. (Everything was sew'ed and looked perfectly fine in hammer) Well, i will rework a place for a bit till it will work out.
  5. Tensei

    Custom Map Settings.

    This whole project - seems like it's going to be even more pain in the ass than just money rewards. I have pretty much launched test version for map but i cant seem to get bots respawning. That's all probably going to be scripting as much as i read, but the problem is - what kind of monster is that ? I tried setting it up as guardian mode but as soon i am out of warmup and the real challenge starts, i get to kill 5 bots in the server and next wave wont start as i anticipated it would I guess there's more to it than just game_type game_mode things
  6. Tensei

    Custom Map Settings.

    Ideas of yours are fine. Thanks for advice. There was this slothsquadron or whatshisname with that badass weapon mod, which is basically cfg's for csgo. I might take a look and find out if you can load different one without needing to replace cfg's in game folders I hope many more possibilities like this will come in together with editor some day. Source 2 ??? Valve!? Anyone? That would really open up like whole new gameplay to each map. Small teaser http://prntscr.com/a9temc
  7. Tensei

    Custom Map Settings.

    Is it possible to change weapon kill reward for my map. Simply the idea is guardian mode but a little bit more hardcore. You start with some basic guns and then you kill bot waves and earn more money, that would make getting for example negev too easily (everyone can kill bots, aight ? :D) I want to make it so the default 300$ is like 25$ so you have to play a lot longer before you get better guns. After all, map is going to be TD style. You defend base, buy better guns, still do the same old, kill bots, as they are becoming more annoying by increasing skill level.
  8. Well, this picture, i guess im in love !
  9. You are true about that. Insurgency world looks more worn. Not like your nostalgic perfect world. It's shit there and shit there. Insurgency also uses fog aspect quite more, which leads to it. Also Insurgency is more detailed in small things, but for the game it's good, because it's more tactical (detailing also leads to it, because you have got to concentrate more on spotting enemy) Not like in CS:GO where you see that something is out of the place, lets shoot up above, probably "suka blyat" incomming, because 69deg flick to head. Counterstrike is less detailed for the sakes of simplicity. Well that's just my point of view. I would love to see super realistic counter-strike, but it's not gonna happen with this old engine. It wouldn't sell so good anymore, because not everyone can afford decent PC for those 90-120 fps minimum required for quality gameplay. I don't know a thing about source2, but in my fantasy it's more balanced on performance, allowing more stuff. Being able to get hold of many more propmodels, overlays and whatsoever. I remember super-size map back in the CS:Source called de_wanda, which i couldn't run on more than 60 fps, when de_forest and all default maps could be ran on 120-250 fps Btw i love de_forest, i need it in matchmaking, but i hate that the trees were thr visible in radar, though it's easy to fix that, (Block LOS tool texture around each pine-trees leaves) Before everyone tells that de_wanda was badly optimized, i wasn't in Source Engine Level Design at that point of time yet, so i didn't know all about nodraws everywhere and visleafs and stuff.
  10. From CoD4 I loved Crossfire map. I don't plan to remake it or anything. But i love the scenery which im trying to realise.
  11. Well, i myself don't enjoy the dust castle-ish part, but i like the suburban design, so i am mainly using Dust suburban theme to make defusal map set in whatever Pakistan/Afghanistan area set in suburban area. The kind of area like you would see in movie "Black Hawk Down" Well i made the poll to gather people's view on yet another "dusty" map, but without the palace stuff with big blue domes all over the place.
  12. Well, why don't you take a bit more time and make the whole cave a single model. Well i don't know much about modeling, and i don't know how will engine react to whole area being as model, but i know that few games levels are literally made from models
  13. If it all is made of group of small models, won't it impact performance ?
  14. These logs, it's a custom asset or default one? Like the area though.
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