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  1. Triple-M

    [csgo] de_venezia

    Version 2 is out https://www.dropbox.com/s/ss1gq656u6j0ayp/de_venezia_2.zip?dl=0 Change Log: - Water more shallow, players cannot crouch below water line - Changed water texture for better visibility - CTs now arrive at B faster - Pushed some buildings back at B - Removed archway - Added cover to both bomb sites - Softened some of the unrealistic geometry - Moved some free standing props - All windows now non-solid - Boats now climbable - Improved player clips
  2. Triple-M

    [csgo] de_venezia

    The majority of the criticism of the Map in last nights playtest was levied at the water. Not a big surprise as I was being fairly experimental with the water. I've gone back to my test map to try out a few tweaks. I have the water more shallow to prevent players from crouching under the water line. I have also changed the water texture to "Aztec" to help the player models visually pop out more. Hopefully these are some steps in the right direction but I'm interested in other people's opinion.
  3. de_venezia_1 for Thursday https://www.dropbox.com/s/oestfupsmks8rmw/de_venezia_1.zip?dl=0 Thread:
  4. Triple-M

    [csgo] de_venezia

    Release version 03: https://www.dropbox.com/s/og66sya7sfz3n84/de_venezia_3.zip?dl=0 Workshop Hello everyone. This is my first real CS map. I made it for the Gamebanana "Building Bridges" contest. Given the bridges theme, I thought of the city of Venice, which is littered with over 400 bridges. I had played on Venice based maps before and one thing that bothered me was the water and how it was usually made to be inaccessible. I decided early on to try to make the water relevant to gameplay and made the water accessible throughout my map. While it is dangerous to wade through, as there are only a few exit points back to the street, it still offers interesting high-risk high-reward strategies, and are often used when rotating. In turn, this gives the bridges utility by allowing players access over the dangerous water. This image I took from last summer when I was in Venice was the first real inspiration I got and was highly influential on bombsite A. The bridge at bombsite A is approached perpendicularly and is high enough to allow gunfire to be exchanged underneath before the terrorists attempt to cross it. Meanwhile, the bridge at bombsite B is approached head on by the terrorists and is high enough to completely block other players, providing cover and grenade tactics to both sides. More screenshots:
  5. For those of us who put in a request between the last schedule post and this new system being implemented, should we re-do it?
  6. Hi. Could I get the second slot on the 30th for de_venezia?
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