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    CS_MAX (WIP)

    4 days? U folken wot m8? Anyways, the map feels a little lacking of some... "pop"/"wow". You should try to add something defining the the map, like a giant tower or something in the middle.
  2. Muffin

    CS_MAX (WIP)

    Wow. Not long at all, you've been at this for what, 2 weeks?
  3. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_sac

    I feel like the brushwork is a little messy, try your best to align brushes to the grid with as large a grid scale as possible.
  4. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_Solitude

    "But not like cobblestone". Cobble isn't a bad map. It isn't good either .
  5. I use TopHATTWaffles method with VIDE Pakfile Lump Editor.
  6. You can, but it's much better to be there. We tend to be a lot more critical when the author's not there, so be ready for that. Make sure you at least have the basics down (radar, clipping, decent lighting, etc). Critical? As in stricter and more mean? Totally k
  7. I asked this before but I don't think anyone replied. Just qoute me in the answer. DO you have to be there for the playtesting? or can people just play your map and send feedback to the map thread.
  8. Muffin

    [CS:GO] Shipped

    Looks really sexay. Seriously dude... ammooozzing. Keep up the good work!
  9. Muffin

    [WIP] de_airstrip

    Yeah there isnt a whole lot of cover in the map. If I were you, I'd start adding natural cover/cool brushwork now just to make the map look nice and function better. It also sets a standard for the map.
  10. well I'm broke... Anyways, the server www going to be a modest public server aiming for a good small community of players.
  11. I know there are tons of threads out there like this but I was hoping you fellow mapcorians had some thoughts and answers on this. So, I have a 20mb download and 2mb upload speed. I am allocating 2GB of RAMS to the server, and have a i7 4700H @ 2.4 GHz and a 5400 RPM HDD. I was wondering, how many players can I safely host before my internet speed collapses? (Minecraft server)
  12. Muffin

    [csgo] de_canal (wip)

    What's the total size now?
  13. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_carrier

    Optimization of upper area = o.0
  14. I've got nothing to say right now. ***** Nom Nom Nom.
  15. Muffin

    [csgo] de_canal (wip)

    Oh, and valve only allows up to 200 mb upload size for files
  16. Muffin

    [csgo] de_canal (wip)

    The textures look much better. I just meant using the same brick texture or overall the same texture gets bland and dull. But it looks good now. Anyways, 600 mb is WAYS too large for a map. Most maps at most will be about 150 mb, and that's a lot for the average Internet. I would suggest toning the file size down to at least 200 mb. But under 100 is ideal.
  17. I like the interesting twist on the middle area. Its always nice to see new layouts.
  18. Muffin

    [csgo] de_canal (wip)

    Already looks pretty nice, but I have to say, some of the textures look a little boring. Maybe try and make them brighter?
  19. . I feel really sorry for letting you down, but I just can't seem to edge the map towards a good theme. The closet thing is plaster office walls, but the walls are really high and don't really work out. I think I am just going to restart with a better theme.
  20. Sadly, I think I am going to abandon the project. My creation process was greatly flawed, I didn't have photo references and didn't build the map according to the theme, and I didn't even have a set theme yet. I am sorry guys for letting you down but I am going to restart with something new and I will have a clear idea of the theme! I will try to get a download link of the map to edit ASAP in case you wanted to edit it .
  21. Muffin

    [CSGO] WIP de_qorax

    B site seems to far for T's, especially on a 1:45 minute clock. A site seems too close for T's too. I don't know though I am judging this by the overview. Try to give Ct's a minimum of 2 seconds to set up.
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