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  1. I believe the commands for that are I forget the entity you use but you should be able to use the commands to disable weapon inaccuracy on the map.
  2. https://tf2maps.net/downloads/ultimate-mapping-resource-pack.510/ Use this pack, it helps a ton with having/placing working rails.
  3. You can get stuck behind the slanted wooden pallet in the center of this photo if you jump then crouch behind the little stand
  4. My bad, I'll try to get stuff posted in a few hours, sorry about that.
  5. DE_PELICAN (Currently in planning, will update soon)
  6. Just a minor thing, as I'm running through it I noticed that on B site the glass on the top isn't breakable, and the bomb decal extends to a spot you cannot plant. The glass above B site feels like it should be breakable, as glass with that texture is breakable throughout the rest of the map. It'll also allow more nades into site. The decal on B - The floor decal that marks the plant zone shows on the floor behind the big crate, yet you cannot plant there (the big box, you cannot plant near ct there). Either move the decal inwards so it cannot be seen on the floor in spots you cannot plant, or extend the plant zone.
  7. Yes, those maps have 3-4 second runs to mid, but what Wrakke is talking about is this section near T spawn. It is just dead space. Nuke has 3-4 seconds on BOTH T and CT side that are not useful in game-play and just delay the rounds. Inferno, cache, train, and overpass have spawns that are useful. Players can rotate through the spawns to rotate safely. With your map, T spawn is only used to add time to delay Ts from reaching sites. Try to find some other way of delaying that if that was your goal, as long T spawns are no fun to have to walk through every round.
  8. With stairs, try making your stairs have a slope of less 1/2 or lower. For example, if you have a staircase or ramp that goes up 128 units, make it at least 256 units long to prevent awkward steep slopes. http://tf2maps.net/threads/article-stairs-and-your-map.8827/ is about tf2, but it covers the basics with stairs - how to use them, make them, and their shape/dimensions.
  9. Smileytopin

    [CS:GO] de_ridge

    Agreed... This map has too many flanks, some areas are almost impossible to hold because either side would just flank. Try making it harder to flank (to start, remove the vent area). A site is fine with not having two routes for Ts, the one main route is large enough. The vent that goes closer to A makes the cover on the outside wall of A useless, as it can be shot at from near T spawn and the exit of the vents. Try moving T spawn back a little, CTs have no time to setup on either site.
  10. If you have the reflections done properly, try just creating a info_lighting to a darker spot and use that for the lighting maybe?
  11. Smileytopin


    This reminds me of pl_goldrush for some reason, the second part where the cart finishes the stage under the bridge.
  12. Smileytopin

    Delta Delta

    A7 is out! Not really a large update, more of a quality of life thing.
  13. Yeah, what I do is make the priority spawns have a spawn priority of 1, and the extra spawns a priority of 2. Sometimes I'll have a few with priority 3 that are only used when there's more then 10 players on a team.
  14. Smileytopin

    Delta Delta

    Tightening the map up to shorten rotate times https://i.gyazo.com/bfc3af3e951348394a3c2cecbb97080d.png - old https://i.gyazo.com/824ba74df7ba17fd845361ce40a9a2fc.png - new Rotate times for T's between sites are about 18 seconds right now, still long but bearable. Moved T spawn to make it less out of the way and to speed up timings to sites. Instead of taking 17 seconds to get to site from spawn, it takes closer to 12-14.
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