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  1. Steam Workshop Link Been working on this map on and off since the contest a year an a half ago. Just resumed work on it this week after a long break. I've made huge changes, and to me its starting to really feel like a solid counter strike map. Wondering if any one would mind checking it out and offer some feedback. I am still in the stages of refining the best layout. The some of the rotations might be too quick, and I may have left too many options for rotation. Obviously a lot of the brush work is rough. Once I am sure people enjoy the layout and it is fairly balanced, I will move on to aesthetics. I am open to suggestions though, and any ideas to make the map fun to play. The goal is that I can get done with this development phase by the end of the year. Thank you for you time, - mith
  2. Coming up to a year since I started work on this map. It has been an on and off sort of project. I want to treat it like a job this summer and get the art quality way up. Slowing down on main route layout changes. Would love to hear from any one who has time to check out the map. (The radar is currently broken, I can never get it to line up properly unless I morph it in photoshop. ) Looking for some feedback about what to do with the entry choke points. Currently have for A: The Locker Room door, leading to a medium room adjacent to the pool site. The lobby drop directly next to the Locker Room door. The Direct path from lobby into the pool site. And B: The risky door closer to B site The Kitchen (has an double door and a window) General layout questions: I may need to simplify/reduce the rotation possibilities, or move T spawn closer to the main lobby?
  3. Beginning to shift focus to art and brush detail work, and soon custom art/figuring out the aesthetic. Been spending a lot of time on planning this layout. Trying ask some people to play test for 5v5 soon. I am apprehensive to hear what people think. This map has been really fun to just run around, now hopefully it is just as fun to play.
  4. Updated the OP with new screenshots! Doesn't look pretty yet, but in the next couple months I will be spending a lot of time developing the aesthetic. Haven't worked on a project of this scale before. Need to learn how to properly use decals/overlays in hammer. Planning import the map in to 3ds max, and try to learn substance designer. Then take those textures and bring them in to hammer. Not sure this work flow makes sense, I would be doing everything twice. Not really sure how I would plan out texture over lays either. I guess putting the texture on plane would work.
  5. Took a 3 month break from working on the map. Went on a trip and got a lot of reference photos, 2 days later my ipod died. Frustrating and expensive, had to work on other things for the rest of the summer. I'm back with what I feel is nearly complete lay out. A few minor timing adjustments might be necessary, really need to test in 5v5 competitive soon. Hopefully this weekend after my cold passes. Just made a quick "time-lapse" of the creation process so far. I am going to post some new screen shots later tonight. Here is a minimap time lapse as well. http://imgur.com/BFdc8p1 -Thanks for checking it out.
  6. ​Yeah I was wondering this as well. I estimate my map should be very playable in 2 weeks.
  7. Revision 2 excites me, really looking forward to playing it soon. Once again I didn't bother timing the main routes I'll do that tomorrow and just shift the spawns. Both CT and T are the last parts of the base layout to be experimented with. T side might spawn in a skate park.. . http://imgur.com/a/DdOiT Thirteen clean screenshots of the current build. I keep posing my WIP process just in case some one finds it interesting. I have sketched my paths in 3 different mediums so far.
  8. Thank you for putting this article together. A lot of information that encourages my map creation. I am trying to learn as much as I can about counter strike level design in the next few weeks. From workflows, and what informs design decisions, to custom asset creation. You covered a lot of it here, and I am excited to learn more in the next few weeks. I am sure I'll come back to read your approach again. Were your quick high polys only used for baking maps? I am still trying to research polybudgets for static props.
  9. Went back to the drawing board literally for a complete rework of the routes/layout. This iteration hopefully shows a lot more promise for interesting match ups. Also more indication for the direction which I am planning to develop this map. Edit: I haven't done the spawn to choke point timing tests yet on this version.
  10. ​Yeah I am going to work on that tomorrow, see what I can come up with. The lobby area near CT spawn I have plans for a few things to break it up. When considering A,B, and lobby right now they are all long rectangles. Also gathering some reference photos tomorrow. Going to get some designs for the buildings planned out. So this could inform how I should bring the range down to medium or close in some areas. Obviously giant rectangle prisms wont be any good. I want to plan out spots for smokes etc while doing a pass for cover.
  11. Here are some snapshots at my workup from sketch to bsp. I just now created the path outline diagram to get a different view of how the map has layout has evolved. Trying to keep the main routes obvious and not overly confuse with the rotation options.
  12. Yeah I thought so! For now I'm just avoiding any names that might be taken. de_waterway ?
  13. I am excited to be learning CS:GO map making after years of playing. This is my first map creation so far, and I am seeing a lot of potential. Can't wait to get some feed back. Should be looking really great by next weekend. I will update with some sketch and WIP work up screenshots. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452496432 -Mith Edit: Formerly named de_waterSports CURRENT SCREENSHOTS
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