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  1. would love to hear your thoughts FMPone aftewards! Be honest
  2. man if it was for Black Mesa I'd participate so hard.
  3. fixed my radar and other stuff. Made a new request, this time for the 17th though, because today there is only 1 map played. If that's not okay then I'll take the 20th.
  4. I'm just making this thread for the Mapcore Playtesting Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=645393902 Screenshots:
  5. I knew my map won`t be one of the finalists, but that wasn`t my goal. Contests like these give me the motivation to start working on a map and FINISH them. Thanks to everyone who helped me out and congrats to the finalists! I wonder what maps will make it into the next operation
  6. FMPONE is one of the judges isn't he? I couldn't think of anyone else who fits better for this job. He knows about artstyle AND gameplay and more importantly how both of these things have to work together to make a great map and I think he is really open-minded. Really, CS:GO would be a worse game without FMPONE.
  7. layout is the same size and I don't know what you mean with "fix" the wallbangs, the wallbangs I know of are intended. Btw the demo and log file are still not up, so I have no idea what people said about this map in the playtest. Oh and one more thing: In this version of the map, terrorist have control over both houses. This creates 2 layers for the map, one for CT, one for T, those 2 layers are kinda like a big map if you put them at the same level back to back if you know what I mean . Yeah it would be probably better if it was bigger, but I think it works, at least 5v5.
  8. The map has been updated! - reworked bombsite B--- double doors replaced with windows--- removed bridge--- made the house with the window inaccessible--- rearranged cover--- made wall unwalkable- widened path from CT to B- made room from CT to A bigger- added cover to long A- added cover to "Mid to A"- closed off bridge- sealed off balcony- bugfixes, exploit fixes
  9. demo pls I couldn't properly play myself because I was ill, after the playtest it got really bad :S but now I'm okay.
  10. fixed my map (packed custom content properly), pls give it another try there are no other submissions for tomorrow anyway, better than nothing right??? edit: yes! thanks
  11. uhm guys, I don't want to rush you, but tomorrow is thursday. What about my submission?
  12. I requested a playtest. The maps name is "Steinhausen", it was "Paderborn" before. I changed it because Paderborn is a location in real life and that makes unneccessary problems. Since the last playtest there are tons of changes and improvements, so I think it is worth playtesting it again, so I can polish it before the contest ends.
  13. Big update. Huge progress since last time. I hope that allows me to make this bump post.
  14. crowbAr


    yes I am german. That sign is a Valve asset from the map overpass. I thought it fits anyway and also gives some cover
  15. crowbAr


    Since there is no limit to how many maps you can submit to the contest, I thought why not also submit my older map? I can't compete with the best maps, but I think it's still a fun map and hopefully some people will try it out and give me some more feedback The map is a suburb in Germany at night. More Information can be found on the workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442514678
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