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  1. Hi there everyone! This is my first post on the Mapcore forums (though I have been lurking for some time). This is also my first competitive CS:GO map. I have done remakes of other, simple maps before and I also messed around in the older Source SDK making some random, never completed CS:S maps. I'm not a level designer otherwise and the only time I use 3D modeling software is for graphics design, since I'm a graphic designer, mostly focusing on UI design. Anyway, I started working on this map some time before christmas but abandoned because of no motivation, but with the mapping contest I feel more motivated to complete it. The map has a pretty simple layout and is designed around competitive play, though I'm not toally sure on how it will play out with real players since the only playtesting I have done is with bots. The brushwork looks quite bad at the moment but it's because I'm still unsure about the layout since I haven't really done any real playtesting, but I'll try to get hold of a playtesting time on the Mapcore playtesting server once summerbreak has started. I'm also a bit unsure about mid since it feels quite unfinished and wonky at the moment. I'm looking forward to get some feedback on the layout, please tell if I should upload it to the workshop/dropbox if you guys want to try it out and look around. Also, ignore the visuals since they are incomplete and are no way representative on how the map will turn out. Map layout (just noticed the path from T-spawn to A got cut off for some reason, but don't worry, there is a path to A from T-spawn without going through mid) Screenshot album (Imgur, oh and sorry for the crappy graphics, I'll get a new computer within a few weeks) Thanks, framedrop
  2. With summer break coming up, I might be able to do it, starting today. Also, with it being original, is it not okay to create a "sequel" to a Valve map? For example de_aztec2? *hint* *hint*
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