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  1. Can you update the feedback and demo logs ASAP as I have been waiting to edit my map cause I don't have any feedback .
  2. Muffin

    My first CS GO Map

    I swear you must have made other maps before this looks amazing for your first map.
  3. Muffin

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    Add a sign with a picture of your kerbals landing on the moon! XD
  4. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    Don't expect to be Replied to after everything you say :3
  5. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_beppo (wip)

    I'm not too good at making detail for maps, as with other ones I've tried making. The layout comes easily, and I can visualize most of the stuff people would have issues with and adjust, but I'm really just not good at detail in general. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that you need to make good details in your next map, I'm just saying that your current theme is not very attractive(NO OFFENSE REALLY). Think about it. A brick warehouse vs a awesome shiny resort. Could you also post a clear picture of the overview (top of the map, like a radar) so we can give some feedback on that too Goodl
  6. Muffin

    [CS:GO] de_beppo (wip)

    If this wasn't your first map, I would greatly suggest changing the theme. It's boring, generic, gray and dark. But this is your first map, and the thing I would suggest focusing on is the layout. The layout changes everything! Anyways, it ok to keep this theme for now but really, it's not a very good one. There isn't much room for nades, and the textures are pretty bland. Focus on the layout for your first map , you can focus on cool designs when you become more fluent. Also can we get a steam workshop link?
  7. I really don't have too much to say. It is an aim map and it really should play the way YOU want it to play. But yeah, I think the map has a very nice and believable scenery.
  8. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    It uses the main brick texture from Mirage, coupled with the wood texture to hold it together, which is also from mirage, it also uses planks that stick out, just like on mirage (and dust 2 @long) but with a different texture, and the windows are also used on mirage among other maps, if I am not mistaken. I'm not saying that he should not do it, but to say that it has no correlation with Mirage, well, that is a bit of a stretch in my eyes. It may use mirage assets, but I think the combination of it makes quite a different scene.
  9. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    I see no correlation with mirage. With the wood beams and cracks and rustic feel, this is going to be very nice and unique.
  10. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    That looks great... I think it would make a great alternate theme.
  11. Muffin

    [CS:GO] Shipped

    I think catfood is like the greatest mapper of all time and deserves spots in future operations. Also, the block out map has a crate without collisions. It's the one underneath the crate you can walk through near t spawn
  12. Muffin

    [CS:GO] [WIP] oldtown

    Heh, for me to change it to another theme, i would need to rebuild everything But once for all, i want to finish atleast 1 map That's not true. You can easily change the theme to something more old town ish. Like run down, with lots of rubble and stuff. Don't worry, do not doubt yourself, anything is possible if you believe *magical glow*
  13. Looks very pretty and believable . The layout is also quite unique. I like it
  14. I'm actually expecting 3kliskphilip to do an analysis on phong
  15. Muffin

    [csgo] de_venezia

    Already looks amazing. I'll have a run around it when I have time. The brushwork and theme is very believable
  16. How does phong exactly work and could you give a Noob explanation
  17. Muffin

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    This map is turning into quite an easter egg . (Boat Name: The Easter Egg)
  18. Try checking out 3kliksphilip tophattwaffle on YouTube. Also, maps don't just take 1 week to finish. They take time
  19. Muffin

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    Add pictures of the cruise destination somewhere with pictures of another map you have made. Like "Cruise destinations: {MAP NAME}{MAP PICTURE}" that would be pretty funny
  20. Uh has de_cetza been added to the schedule? It got accepted according to the submissions Google sheet. Also, can I possibly move my playtest upwards to like May 5th or some other earlier slot? I realized I didn't check the schedule carefully.
  21. Ran around about. Honestly not many first glance complaints. Just get a playtest running
  22. Muffin

    [WIP] De_Rampard

    I personally wouldn't continue multiple projects at a time. Starting this now means giving up on nonaneyet for who knows how long
  23. May I suggest adding an option to use real code like Java or C++ or something? That way, people who are advanced with coding could create games using this engine as well. It could open up too all sorts of people instead of just the noob's.
  24. Muffin

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    Nice idea with the core cola btw. I would actually try to "advertise" mapcore and reference other things around the map. The boat/cruise/casino way of things really is creative and I think you could find some great ways to incorporate little references here and there.
  25. Muffin

    de_Strife (WIP)

    Cool. Pretty sweggy honestly, the evening lightning and stuff makes the map feel very natural somehow
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