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  1. Hi, are you still doing playtest? This thread seems kind of dead, but if there is a spot for tonight I would love to playtest my map. Edit: I found the links on the first page and applied for a playtest but i realized only after that today was full. I would like to switch my application for next thursday, on the 6th.
  2. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    New update again. I´ts mostly minor changes and fixes but the major ones are on the T route to B. -I tried to make it simpler and more natural for people who found that area confusing. I added some props, made the room smaller and tried to make it easier for Ts to hold a CT rush. -I redid the vents and the drop room a bit so it would feel more natural. -I redid the cover for the setup area for a B takeover. -Added a B site sign for smokes to bounce off on. I only did small changes to the middle. -Added wood over the last window to drop room from mid. -Made the underpass in mid a bit smaller. -Extended the railing in T side of mid Minor tweaks on A site. -Removed the back connector room from CT to the back of A site. -Added some props instead of BSP -Changed some cover inside of door. -Extended the first wall to the right in A site for Ts to throw smokes off -Changed the size of the balcony entrance and the metal railing. T spawn T to B Mid A site Vent Finally added radar Routes
  3. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    Hello again! So I have not been mapping for a long time due too school. But I´ve recently started to work on this map again. I´ve changed the layouts of both sites and the routes to B site. The map is still untextured, I want a solid layout before I start but I´ve used some just for future ideas. The new A site has similar feel as before but on B i´ts all new. I quickly ran through with friend and they were a bit lost on their way to the site, I have no minimap right now so that may contribute. As terrorists there is an area before the B site where you have a big advantage if you can take over. This allow you to boost up to mid from vents and up to CT apps (wich is between CT spawn and B site). It also allows for smoke executes on B site. But this whole area seemed a bit confusing for them. I would appreciate any feedback on the maps layout/angles/spots/sites/rotation times/size, but especially on the whole B area. Is it too complicated for 5vs5 gameplay since thats how I want the map to be played? I will continue working on this and hopefully get a playtest in the future for more feedback. Thanks! New A site New B site Pre B site Map overlay
  4. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    I have now worked on the map for a while and I uploaded the new version to the workshop. I have changed pretty much the whole A site and the CT side of B. It would be great with some feedback on the new layout.
  5. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    Thanks for the great feedback jakckophant and everybody else in game. I've started working on changing the A side of the map. Changed the door route through A main for Ts and I will look into changing the cover on the site as I saw that it felt kind of useless when you have 5 people rushing you. I would like to try it out in a 5on5 though. The L bomb site shape was to create a harder safe plant but was confusing for people so I will make it simpler. But the covers will propably change multiple times depending on what theme it gets. I will keep the B drop for now but I will change the CT entrance for B. Not sure how yet.
  6. Yes the heatmaps just looked cool thats why I was asking, thanks for the answers. How fast can i expect these files to be ready for download? I am leaving town tomorrow and would love to see the playtest from other perspectives.
  7. Hi! It's been a long time since I had a playtest here and I saw that there's been a lot of improvements to it. I'am just wondering whats new. I saw someone posting a heatmap of the kills made in the playtest, at least thats what I think it was. I have a playtest tomorrow and I want to make full use of it. So what kind of information can I download after the playtest, and how?
  8. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    I have updated the map with radar now so it's ready for a playtest, wich will be on this thursday. Not the best radar img I know... I don't have photoshop yet, I will make it look more like it should once I get it.
  9. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    Yes I plan on doing a playtest but I saw there's a new system for that and I haven't checked it out yet. I wll try to use cl_overview from now on. I've taken the screens in a hurry but I will make a radar for the playtest so I will use it then.
  10. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    Well I'am still new to mapping and that's not how I've approached my maps, wrong or not. I've tried to make a fun layout at first and then come up with a theme for the map and tweak my layout and buildings so they fit that theme. My weak spot is definitely the detailing, but all I can do is practice. That line of sight did not actually exist, the overview was lying a bit but I have updated the map now so that long alley does not even exist anymore. As for the name it might even change. That was just my gut feeling telling me I want the cache, dust vibe. But that doesn't mean it has to happen. I needed a name to publish it for me to get feedback. I would love to work with someone on that part to get more experience and learn. Someone who enjoys the detailing part. I am not saying that I don't want to detail the map at all, but tips and learn by seeing would help a lot. I have moved the door in A site further back in to the little pocket on right side of the site. Terrorists only have 1 clear entrance for each site but they can fight for another route wich allows them to flank the CT's but the CT's will almost always know when they try to flank because of the door in A and the vent in B. Terrorists can't get to A door without being seen unless they smoke off some places and that will also alert the CT's. Terrorists can get to B vents without being seen but to get trough it you are taking a risk. Right now I am pretty happy with the layout except for the CT entrance to B site. I can't really say what I'd like to change with it but I feel like it don't flow as well as the rest of the map, any suggestions?
  11. yukari

    [CS:GO] de_dash

    Hi! This is my 4th map that I've uploaded to the workshop. I'ts still a greybox with some textures on the ground and there is no radar yet. I will try to get the radar working asap. I will try to get a playtest soon and any feedback on the map at this stage will help. I want the basic layout to feel pretty natural to move around in with some fun and rewarding boosts/jumps and smokes/flashes. i'am still unsure about the theme of the map but what comes to my mind is a blend of de_cache and de_dust2, and therefore the name, dust+cache=dash. Steam link with pictures http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486712075
  12. yukari

    [CSGO] de_aggro

    I have not been working on this map for a long time but today I managed to post an updated version to the workshop. I changed a lot in both bombsites and added a bunch of new props. This is still work in progress, everything is not textured yet but if anybody could give me some feedback for this I wouls appreciate it a lot. I have only played against bots so thing I wonder is. -How would the mid area play out? -Are the sites too T sided, are they too easy to take over? -Is there too many hidingspots/too many corners to check in the sites?
  13. DL link for de_aggro https://www.dropbox.com/s/boqjk6in4lqkaxc/de_aggro.rar?dl=0
  14. Can I have a playteset on de_aggro on the 12th of April?
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