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    [CS:GO] [WIP] de_cafe

    I really love the layout of the map, I tried it out before the mapcore post (and b4 I knew about mapcore). I like how A lot of the areas are designed for balance and allows for lots of options and interesting gameplay. But this map might be a bit t sided due to how sneaky they can be at b site. (And middle)
  2. A lot of people lack putting multiple main paths into bombsites, and sneaky paths for splits. Most maps I see are just 3 lane madness' with connectors.
  3. My first notice is that, you only have one pathway into each site excluding connectors. This topic does not apply to all layouts, but I would suggest giving T's a sneaky alternate route to make the map less CT sided, for both sites can only be rushed with precision. (Judging by screenshots) EDIT: Nice job though! I would love to see this map in complete form!
  4. The "curvy" lights at middle look a little bit odd. (I think it's texture lighting right?) The color of the light/underneath slightly disrupts the color scheme of the area. I really don't know how to explain it though.
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