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  1. JD did it just right. He left Biome as submitted for the contest. He then kept working on the new update but didn't touch the contest version he submitted. The thing wit the workshop it dynamically updates each subscription so the judges version also updates. Its probably unrealistic to think all the judges would copy and paste 100 or so bsp's to a separate folder from the workshop folder.
  2. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    It was probably a surfing accident . Those fins are sharp.
  3. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I really liked dat map . The new D2 stuff will be a cool refurb.
  4. Kaizen

    Congrats On making the cut Buddy . GL
  5. Offtime

    Congrats on the top 10 Jan , GL in the final
  6. de_berth

    Well done Graps on making the cut . GL
  7. Abbey

    Well done with making the grade . GL
  8. Good Luck in the Finals JD > Kick some arse
  9. de_asylum

    Well done man . GL for the final
  10. DE_ORE

    Cheers @Flower_Shop_Guy thankyou very much . Clipping adjustments are easy with that input . That tree is a concern I thought it was from CS_Militia
  11. DE_ORE

    Can anyone who understands Hungarian let me know if this playtest was ok please . Seemed to play out close to how I designed it . https://youtu.be/39ROVaFyyjI
  12. True . the Entry version was already da bomb .
  13. Abbey

    Plus 1 for that.