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  1. gav

    Canyon (Flying Scoutsman)

    An Australian mining map ? That is fresh and innovative Looks good buddy
  2. gav

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Has to go down in CSGO history ! Surely
  3. gav

    [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    Its just as I would expect Grapes - VERY NICE JOB
  4. gav

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    trailerpark has obviously been over run by a sect, the people living there were easily influenced . They all thought it was a great idea to store the crates of explosives near the water tank.
  5. Great Work JD !!!! If i failed at making gravy in the comp at least I got the top 3 right . Fucking awesome work to ALL and a very special thanks to the guys who put in all the work running this thing . Mapcore legends
  6. Looks like fun Will . great job
  7. gav


    Looking nice but PLEASE fix the grain of the posts . Its not a big fix, but my eyes bleed when i see this on a high percent of maps where wood is used . Once seen it can't be unseen .
  8. gav

    [CS:GO] Central (Workshop link posted)

    Impessive looking first attempt- look forward to seeing more
  9. gav

    [CS:GO] De_CarFactory

    looking forward to see the progress
  10. gav


    Looking pretty finished
  11. gav

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Being in Oz these hubs make me feel like the ugly sister no-one wants to take to the dance. We are in the future and undoubtedly have the best of everything here but WTF we dont have a Faceit hub .
  12. gav

    [WIP] de_biome

    Next level JD
  13. gav

    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Very very sexy
  14. gav

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I liked that map too serial used to be on my community server