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  1. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Blackdog - yeah, using cs_concert assets for the instruments. Some more vehicles, and a bit of a top down of the area. I included some WIP pics of the 3d sky, and the door that RZL mentioned. Skybex is currently optimising the trees, and working on more vehicles.
  2. OrnateBaboon

    Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting

    I think all major contests needs to satisfy two not always compatible demands. First they need to be fair, and second they need to be organized so as to produce high quality entries. Any attempt to advance fairness will impact quality, and vice versa. If the contest aimed to produce the best content, then the rules would allow for everyone to get involved - including Mapcore staff, and that every map be eligible for submission. Even those submitted to previous contests, as well as remakes. The only exception to this would be maps that made the top 4 in earlier contests, and maps already featured in an operation. Team sizes would be unrestricted, and the time frame would be at least six months.This kind of "catch all" approach would likely mean a top 10 of the best community made maps in any CSGO contest to date, and possibly even a top 20 of maps deemed "operation potential". The main issue here however, relates to fairness. These are the things that I personally regard as being both fair and conducive to quality. Mapcore staff. All staff should be allowed to participate. The mapping community is small, so barring even one staff member from entering seems counter-productive. We just need to have faith in the judging process. As an aside, I felt sorry for those barred from participation in the last contest because they were helpful enough to be staff. Time frame. It takes so long to make a quality CSGO map, that I am in favor of long deadlines. It is the only way for solo-participants working on a brand new layout to compete. Maps already under construction. Unless I am mistaken, the last contest drew the line at maps that were anything more than a dev textured block out. In other words, if you added any models or textures to the map, you could not enter. The inherent problem here is that by including this kind of rule as a staple of any and all future contests, it can encourage a culture of secrecy. Mappers will hold back their arted work from the forum, through fear of violating the rules. Knowing if all maps have begun from when the contest is announced is also impossible. Maps that have previously appeared in a contest. There is a lot to be said about encouraging people to continue working on their maps. So if a map appeared in a previous contest, but failed to win a prize, it could still be eligible for entry. To stop people from constantly submitting the same map over and over, perhaps a limit could be placed on the number of contests that a map can appear in. These are the things that I personally regard as being unfair. Remakes. The biggest issue with any contest is that of time. The advantages afforded in remaking a proven existing design are so numerous, it is possible to race months ahead of those creating original work. If someone was solely focused on winning, then opting to do a remake would be by far the smartest choice. For contest purposes, a remake could be defined as a map that has appeared in a previous version of any game, other than CSGO. Team sizes. Team work should be encouraged, but there has to be a limit on the number of people allowed per team. Since there will likely be a lot of solo-participants, I think no more than two people per team is the fairest. Two people on a team already have a massive advantage over a solo-mapper, that when teams of three or more compete, fairness can always get called into question. Pretty sure a lot of people will disagree with these. It is why I imagine just outlining the rules is a bit of a nightmare!
  3. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Updated pics of areas previously pimped, and some more interior work. Trying to make each interior unique without using too many different assets. Skybex has the unenviable task of making lots of interior meshes to try and tell a story. No 3d sky, trees or cubemaps yet, but that should be happening soon.
  4. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Some parts have gone backwards - I have hidden all the "old" assets until they can get replaced with HR ones. The blends are also under construction. The double doors RZL mentioned have not been updated yet, since there have been bigger things to deal with. The interiors now have the base direction - trims will also be added, and a lot of unique things to better identify each interior. Regarding the story, for now, we will be going for the same kind of thing as inferno, with the hiding of missiles in the sites. Hazard stripes will be added to the crates, and some tarp on top of all the barrels to break them up a bit. As always, feedback is appreciated!
  5. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    fewseb - nothing is final, just not got any other ideas at to what can be added to the sites. A better story would be good - just can't think of any! RZL - Thanks for the detailed feedback, much appreciated. I will deal with those issues when I next do a pass on that area. Hopefully can get some replacement textures for the storm drain areas. Regarding sending a map - working on trying to get it playable - at the moment, the map currently has every source mappers favourite issue - max_tex_infos, and max_brushes limit. Should be fixed pretty soon though - will let you know! Got a replacement mesh for the old blockout van. A before and after shot. Other stock vehicles also being replaced with rv's and a VW Van.
  6. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Some more updates. The map is at a stage where a few weeks represents a lot of progress, so all feedback on what you see is very welcome! Managed to get Skybex on board to deal with the custom art assets, so you won't be seeing any of my nooby art anymore
  7. OrnateBaboon

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Walkthroughs of the map.
  8. OrnateBaboon

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Does this mean that some of the official maps will be removed from the game forever? From a development standpoint, I suppose this would help Valve, since they won't need to maintain and update a lot of the maps that receive such little playtime. Anyone have the playtime's of the official maps?
  9. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Thanks for comments guys. VIOLATION - making things diverse is a challenge. Different colours will come in soon and more variety on the trailers, especially in areas that look too samey. Moved onto a new area, and thought I would show the development shots. Some horrid looking stuff in there! Last screen shows the entrances to the site which comes off the swimming pool screenshot.
  10. OrnateBaboon

    ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.

    I looked through the old de_highlands thread just to punish myself. I'm like that. The image above shows that more work has been done to it! Below is the most recent image in the original thread. I refuse to believe this map will not see the light of day!
  11. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    More images of same areas, though I have done a lot more on other parts as well, and will hopefully post screens of those soon. Winnebago is first pass, and other areas have a better shape now I think. The 3d sky will have a tree line between the mountains to try and look like a forest, and fill in the empty spaces. The older one was a bit too close to the main map. When I work on it again, I will move it back a lot more so that it looks better under scrutiny. Lot of hard edges in the interiors atm, but I will fix those when I get round to the polish stage.
  12. OrnateBaboon


    Really nice theme, and can easily be pulled off within the time frame because of all the bold structures. Stock content could also take the map a long way, and still keep the map looking very different to official maps.
  13. OrnateBaboon

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I have a similar thing in a few places. Black spots on displacements. Some I got rid of by lowering the lightmap scale to 16. Other issues I currently have include some meshes not receiving light very well, especially bush models which look totally flat. I am also unable to launch a map from the console. If I type in "map", as soon as I hit space, CSGO just hangs.
  14. OrnateBaboon

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    WD - when more junk, and a bit of grunge on the textures is added, that look will hopefully go away. Some more progress - change of colour on the lighting - I think maybe something between the two light environments might be best. I have set up the area in the last two shots, and I will be working on this section to bring the standard up. I added the campfire there, and will probably detail it with a BBQ, some chairs, beer bottles etc. This will be "long" in the callout. In between the pool and the blue trailer, there will be a camper van for cover. At the moment it is a dev block, but I hid that for screens. No 3d sky here since a change in light and fog has messed that all up for now.
  15. Yeah, all Valve and Blizzard do is tighten up the graphics a little bit!