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  1. Thanks, that was fast Had a good time, got into the industry with PB and learned a lot. But I'm no longer at PB, I left last year and am doing freelance work now.
  2. So many incredibly good looking entries on that list :) @Radu Could you convert my nickname in the Gulping Goat Space Farm to a link to my profile?
  3. I can't think of any way in Radiant or Quake 3 itself, but you could convert your map to .ase and load it into a 3D program of your choice. If you can't get .ase open, try the Online 3D converter and convert it to .obj or .fbx You can use the q3map2.exe to convert your .bsp to .ase. To do so, creat a .bat file and paste the following text into it: "[path to q3map2.exe]\q3map2.exe" -convert -format ase "[path to your Quake 3 map]\yourmap.bsp" Run to .bat to start the process. If you have used patch meshes in your map, you have to compile with -patchmeta in the BSP phase, otherwise the patches will be missing from the converted mesh. The resulting mesh does work and is accurate, but the topology is probably messy due to the magic that happens in the BSP phase.
  4. Sersch

    [CS:GO] ar_scanworld

    Hey guys, my latest arms race / deathmatch / aim map for CS:GO is finally done and can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. I've teamed up with Stefan "Neahc" Irmler to create a small arena map with 3D scanned meshes. He made all trees and hunted down some really nice rocks in the Harz Mountains. I've retopologized, baked and color tweaked the rocks (removed some direct lighting here and there and matched their hue and brightness). Neahc also created the terrain textures and was able to set up a blend material for displacements to blend between four different texture sets on one displacement patch, which is the farthest you can get with ye good ol' Source engine. The map itself was done be me. I've also modeled two simple sets for the ruins and the large pipes. Of course there's always something I want to add, but I decided to finalize this level now and work on a new project (probably UT4), before it looks too dated to show here. If you like this map, you might want to check out my other two CS:GO maps (ar_chess and de_cliffside) as well.
  5. Oh man, all this marvellous Substance Designer stuff here, that's really nice. I can contribute a SciFi trim sheet as my first posting here. It's baked from a high poly created in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.
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