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[BETA] de_losttemple2


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Guys, the following is my standard forum news post for this map. So dont wonder if it looks a little odd for the WIP forum.

But I really appreciate any feedback you can give. The map is 99% complete, but it's still a beta, so everything can still be changed.

I prefer to finish everything in the map for the first beta. So basically theres nothing left on my todo list. But I guess you will pull something out of the bag. I'm looking forward to it ;)

So here we go:

Map Name: de_losttemple2 *beta*

Author: StarD00d (d00ds.com)

Release Date: 12 August 2007

Number of Spawn Points: 40


This is the BETA version of de_losttemple2, the 5th map of d00ds.com following



de_cpl_fire and of course

de_losttemple / de_losttemple_pro.

The temple, once a jewel of the mayan civilization, is located near a lake deep in the jungle. Beside the enemy forces you have to fight the mosquitos aswell. Smoke Grenades proved to be quite successful.


After the discovery of a very well hidden secret inside a forgotten temple archaeologists all around the world are eager for more discoveries.

This time they are at the right place to look for but don't know it yet. They presume an entrance to a hidden chamber at spot A. However there is another entrance at spot B still undiscovered.

A group of so called terrorists take their chance to make some quick profit. Little do they know there are special forces waiting in the area to turn the plan into a failure.


There are three main routes in the map: to the left a small temple at the cliff, through the swampy water in the middle directly beneath bomb spot A and to the right through the ruinous main temple hall. All three routes have in common that after taking over the hot spots the terrorists can storm both bomb spots. There is no specific A route or B route. However the counterterrorists can use three short routes to switch between A and B.

The map supports 40 spawns.

As always the map includes lots of custom textures, models, skybox and even sounds.


01 - The water route in the middle (T side)

02 - The main temple hall

03 - The wooden bridge connects to A

04 - The small temple at the cliff route

05 - The small temple from the inside

06 - River and waterfall at the exit of the main hall

07 - Entrance to the main temple hall (T side)

08 - The hot spot of the cliff route

09 - Bomb spot A

10 - Bomb spot B

11 - The temple gate is guarded by serpent head statues

12 - The temple hall could use some restoration

13 - T Spawn

14 - Lost Temple - The Movie ?

15 - The overview


Despite the use of numerous vegetation models performance turns out very well.

3 GHz Radeon 9800 runs on 120 fps average and 95 fps for the worst spot.

For comparison the same system at dust2 runs on 110 fps average and 85 fps for the worst spot.


Map incl. Nav-File: http://files.ingame.de/counterstrike/maps/css/de_losttemple2_beta.rar


Please send us bugs & comments to

c o n t a c t @ d 0 0 d s . c o m

(remove the spaces)

Please feel free to host the map for download or on your gameserver.

Original download @ http://d00ds.com

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Actually I checked PVK2 a few weeks ago and was thinking, damn that mod could use a cool temple map :D

but I want my army of drunken parrots in the game :cool:

I really dont like your CS bashing, sure some players can behave strange but thats a matter with every huge community.

Personally I dont like DoD, cause every map uses the same theme and I'm really not a fan of WW2 scenarios. I've seen it done 1000 times, hard to get excited by it nowadays.

But despite that fact I dont bash DoD. It's a game that has a community who enjoys it, so they got their point. Same applies for CS.

I updated 4 screenshots. The new ones are:

09 - Bomb spot A

12 - The temple hall could use some restoration

13 - T Spawn

14 - Lost Temple - The Movie ?

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