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  1. ifO

    [MP2] 7th Serpent: Genesis

    Stunning, great job!!
  2. Perhaps Blu could be set within the walls of a volcanic crater or quarry, so it's sort of the inverse of Red? Looks really nicely done anyway love it
  3. Hehe I meant post somewhere more appropriate, if you need to at all, bit blunt perhaps but it's the second time you've done that in this thread. Less friendly forums you would have got a much worse response than that so count yourself lucky heh.
  4. Great because it's not like reflective floor tutorials have been around since the hl2 beta leak... many.. many years ago. Please stop posting in this thread. Nurb and Peris, amazing stuff
  5. Shouldn't be a problem, I'll take a look at it this wkend
  6. Ah nice, that's pretty cool, thanks for sharing! If your aim was to multiply the original reflectivity values, I could actually stick in another option that would do that for you. And would you rather go from VTF to VTF rather than have an intermediate TGA stage? So I'm suggesting something like: vtfcmd -reflectmultiply 2.0 2.0 2.0 (to take an existing vtf, multiply it's reflectivity values by 2, and output to vtf) If you let me know exactly what functionality you want I can try to edit the tool to suit. It shouldn't have to be a fiddly process! For now I'll take down the link, until I've spoken to Nem or Wunderboy about it.
  7. No problem, hope it works! A handy technique is to put any frequently used command in a batch file with %1 in place of wherever the input file should go, then you just drag and drop all your input files onto it. Combine this with VTFCmd's handy recursive option, which allows you to pass it a folder of input files and make a batch file like this: multi.bat vtfcmd_r.exe -folder %1\*.tga -recurse -reflectivity 0.4 0.5 0.6 -noreflectivity ... then drag a folder full of input .tga's onto it and it will VTF them all for you.
  8. So lucky for you I'm going through an 'interested in programming phase'. I know, sad but you can blame it on my new job. I took a look at the code and it only took about 5 new lines to add in the option to set reflectivity. Thanks to Nem and Wunderboy for having the code in such nice order You will want to download VTFEdit from the link above. (I'm not sure if you get VTFCmd with it, if not download the VTFlib package too.) Then copy this modified version of VTFCmd to the same folder as the default one: VTFCmd_r.rar (Edit: Link removed until I talk to the coders -ifO) Then you should be set. Here's an example run I did: VTFCmd_r.exe -file ifO_cgbrick02y.tga -format dxt1 -mfilter box -reflectivity 0.6 0.6 0.6 -noreflectivity NOTE: you must use -noreflectivity option (to disable standard calculation) as well as specifiying your desired values using -reflectivity. Then open up the resulting VTF and check in the info tab, all looks good! I'd be interested to see what results you get with this. Keep us informed if it's at all useful! NOTE: Of course this file is useless without installing the original package, but still PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE it, especially don't repackage this in with Nem's files or anything silly like that. I will contact Nem to make a proper addition if it proves to be worthwhile. I will take the link down shortly too.
  9. Interesting. I wasn't aware of this until you brought it up, but I had a dig around and I think if you ask Nem very nicely he might add an option to the VTFcmd tool to allow you to set the reflectivity. http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=177#p177 Currently there is only a -noreflectivity option to disable its calculation but from a quick glance at the code it looks like it wouldn't take much to add the ability to manually set it.
  10. I think it's believable and more interesting how it is already. There are several techniques that are used to make sections of buildings appear to float. In that instance I imagine it could have structural metal beams that run through the entire adjoining building and into the floating section to support the majority of its weight. Nice design
  11. Now if that isn't the coolest thing I've seen in Source in a long time. Looks fantastic!
  12. ifO

    The random model thread!

    With a chisel? I guess there's a bit of artistic license at work there, tis a very nice model! Very nice piano too pomperi
  13. ifO

    Crysis Map ~ Vulcano [WIP]

    Dude, that's volcanic.
  14. ifO

    Crysis Map ~ Vulcano [WIP]

    Eh, vulcan-shaped? What does that mean? Looks fabulous
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