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  1. Made it to the end in ultra violence mode, and quite enjoyed it actually, but yeah i didn't had much hype nor expectations beforehand maybe that's why. What's funny is that it really reminded me the last god of war in terms of rhythm and gameplay mechanics, and uh.. everything actually. The gameplay loop is a bit the same, you go from an arena fight part to a breathing puzzle part (a simple platformer puzzle, finding breakable walls or pushing blocks to make a way) to an arena fight, to a puzzle part, to etc .. Fighting mobs feel very zelda-ish, very situational, using the right tool against the right mob. Very "gamey". + the fatalities mechanics + new toys/weapons/gameplay mechanics unlocks over time + the mythological comic book superhero story over some kind of loose demi-god on a revenge against the gods (really not the best part, but i guess they needed a lore nonetheless ^^) The fan service is pushed to its maximum, really digged the re design of the old mobs items and all And i actually enjoyed they added more mobility and air-control over 2016 (a mix of genji's double jump in overwatch + tracer dash) which allow you to have some good stunts and air shots Maybe it's modern game design, but it felt like god-of-war goes fps. Was cool to me, but i understand why it can be disappointing if you were expecting a real retake of the old doom. Could have been something else, but it's yeah it's cool nonetheless
  2. If you are talking social, I think you summed up his political guideline pretty well. Though, i'm not sure this is "refreshing", at least definitely not for private schools, still, a bit newer for public universities. If i would risk to express an opinion, i don't think this is very sane.
  3. Stopping the consequence by voting for the cause ... It's really starting to become an hostage situation
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_bind
  5. Haha, actually one of my main political preoccupation is to avoid my country social system becoming like in the UK, so i don't have to see retired people over 70s still washing alleys at Sainsbury (which Macron is clearly heading to). So... MEH
  6. That's like having the choice between aids or cancer for the second turn. I don't want to see the scam of the far right leading the country, and i was out in the street 9 months ago when Macron was minister of the economy. I have no idea what to do. Tempted to go vote white, or pound what will do the less damage in the long term.
  7. Apparently from what you wrote Tisky, she is not happy in her couple, but how unhappy is she really and how is she able to actually cope with it ? You have to consider an important thing : you are free looking for someone, and she is engaged. That puts you in the waiting position while the choice is on her side. If she was sure of her love for you, she would take a clear and sharp decision, act, break up officially with her man and get engaged with you, but essentially that should be coming from her. However in the meantime, you are waiting. And you cannot wait forever .. You know, there's people, more often out of unconscious suffering than calculated maliciousness, who vampirize others to fill their neurotic needs and make them carry the burden of what is going wrong in their life at their place. Is it the case ? I don't know. Is her love for you sincere but she is not able to assume by fear of breaking apart her family ? Did she used you to prove to herself she can still make a man fall in love and refill a worn down narcissism ? Is it a revenge to wake up the interest of her husband ? ... But you have to get a grip on how ridiculously paradoxical it is to accuse of cheating an unofficial lover that you keep hanged to your decision while you are having it both ways .. Sounds like she may just have dropped all of her guilt on your shoulders for you to assume at her place and took a strategic retreat. From what you said, I think that guilt you can clearly shake it off right away. But now you have taken some distance, and hopefully healed a bit, don't hurry, be easy on yourself and take your time to grieve the end of that relationship by following the wise advices all the good people of mapcore gave you above, have good moments with your children, concentrate on doing stuff, see people you like to spend good time with. And then, when you have recovered enough strength, I think it is important you ask yourself what was driving you towards a situation that was bad for you. It's always a good opportunity to learn something about yourself. And.. avoid it to happen again in the future. ( If you have the time and money, who knows, maybe a psychoanalysis would help ?)
  8. Well appart from the AAA the others already quoted, i enjoyed quite a lot this resurrection of commando in feodal japan ( shadow tactics blades of the shogun ) Also Deadbolt :
  9. Is it the four character archetypes of TMNT ? Or am i wrong
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