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  1. What dux said, but using the pump shotgun instead (though not exactly 10:1...).
  2. As nice as it looks, I don't really care about the single player at all. I want to know what the gameplay & balance is going to be like when there's 64 player carnage taking place
  3. I hope it has TV missiles. Beware, jet fuckers!
  4. Please tell me there's a GI expert called Joe.
  5. It made me angry in quite a few places (bad gunplay, some finicky parts where Faith wouldn't grab on to the bit I needed), but the parts of ME that worked were very, very cool. I'm sure they could've delivered a much better experience the second time around and it's a real shame that it's not going to happen The art was so cool, too.
  6. If it only happens at peak times, then it's most likely their problem.
  7. They had a single player mode with bots. There was no campaign, but still.
  8. BF2 single player was a joke. I'd rather than just canned the SP and concentrated on the MP exclusively That's just me, though...
  9. Two advantages of a narrow fov: Better performance (more of the scene is culled because the frustum is smaller) Less stretching at the extremities of the view Disadvantages: Makes some folk feel sick (read Valve's musings on narrow fov and the driving section in HL2 -- they had to increase the fov to stop some people throwing up) Subjective: I personally like ~80 to 105 fov (played TFC with 120, but times change). I dislike the ultra-narrow fovs offered in certain games these days because it really inhibits the sense of fluidity. There's a reason gears (and every 3rd person game re
  10. Apple used to have a totally closed (read: guess why you were denied?) submission process, yet they can't respond to something that is clearly violating copyright? Pretty weird extremes.
  11. I had the same problem with friend invites. I ended up just getting the other people to add me.
  12. Shotgun + motion mines is definitely my favourite combo
  13. ... We should probably agree to disagree on this point, then I don't like what Valve has done with TF2. They took a game with well-defined, easy to understand roles and then needlessly complicated it with a million different stupid items, imo.
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