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  1. Oh my god. I haven't really spoken with Mike since the grand old days of irc, where he was constantly banning me. No hard feelings though, I was a pain in the ass for sure. If you are reading this, best of luck in pulling through Mike.
  2. Seriously guys I want to submit a minecraft level, I'm guessing I can follow this as minecraft has a 2 block high player also. rules, schmules.
  3. Heard about this thread, just came to look, cool dogs/pictures. The last one with the brighter background looks more like what I'd expect some old lady to frame on her wall, even though the darker ones look great too!
  4. JynxDaddy

    Skype group

  5. JynxDaddy

    Skype group

    drop by irc some time
  6. I always looked up to MrH2o, he was just such a cool guy. He was really friendly to me, even though I was an annoying little kid on IRC. you will be missed watah~
  7. i would like to take this opportunity to announce : JynxDaddy's Mod
  8. Superb. :megamon: An idea: have some of that trash move in the wind?
  9. Move the heart on its back down lower and emboss it, it would look like a butt
  10. But if you aren't in the right position, you just see all these lines streaking along the floor and walls. A neat concept, but I've seen it done so many times, and much better than this
  11. Hey that is an Australian train. and web server
  12. I heard the Duke Nukem team consists of one work experience kid from the local high school. Considering, I think the trailer was great! Good work Corey!
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