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  1. In addition to the ones that have been mentioned already: Traffic Full Frontal The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Memento The Dark Knight A Clockwork Orange A Scanner Darkly
  2. As a lifelong TRON fan, I loved TRON Legacy. Everything was very faithful and it was a fun ride and fun to watch. Sure, the criticism that the story is nothing special is completely valid, but so was the story from the original TRON, but it's still a great experience. Don't even bother with the 3D bullshit. It added absolutely nothing and most of the time I didn't even notice it.
  3. Agreed. The facial animations look amazing, but look so oddly out of place that I can't take anything else seriously. The performance on the face and the performance of the voice just completely does not match with the rest of the body or the environment, and I find it insanely distracting. The whole trailer felt like I was watching a badly-dubbed movie.
  4. I'll be there. Been going every year since '05 Some of the old Black Mesa crew is going to be there, too.
  5. Section_Ei8ht


    I'm a Christian, so... yes, I'm afraid of death.
  6. I've been looking forward to it since last E3, but a lot of the reviews haven't been all that well, so... I'm going to wait to pick this one up (if, even)
  7. Sorry guys, I was drunk when I wrote this. You'll do well here.
  8. Just played through it: incredibly disappointed. Valve coyly hyped up that the survivors from the first game were going to meet up with the survivors of the second game, and that one of the original survivors was going to die. Awesome, I thought, but no. Here's how Valve managed to fuck that up:
  9. On my second playthrough, this time on realistic. Being a massive splinter cell fanboy, I've obviously got a few nits to pick about Conviction, but overall it's a great game. Story and presentation are top notch. Very faithful to all the old games (even the Montreal version of Double Agent and the PSP Essentials . - I wish that there was still an option to hide bodies. I understand that Conviction is more fast paced that its predecessors and that not being able to hide bodies adds an element to the gameplay (executing someone who is in broad daylight in the middle of a parking lot so all his buddies can see his body) or luring him into the dark and killing him there), but still, it would have been nice to leave that as an option, even if you don't stress it as a fundamental of gameplay. - Unless I missed it, I really miss the option to whistle or whisper to attract attention. My first playthrough, about 50% of my time was spent sneaking, and the other 50% was spent Sam-Fisher-Rapes-Everyone. During the sneaking time, I really missed this feature. - I don't like how when you're crouching, you only move at one speed. Granted, they tweaked the enemy's hearing, so they hardly (if ever) hear you when you're crouched (or walking slowly for that matter, something that's new), but when you're in a firefight and want to move to cover that's too far away for the cover system to recognize, it would be nice if you could move faster when you're crouched, instead of having to stand up. Again, I completely understand why this is the way it is, but just saying I miss that from the old games. Excellent game though. Still have to play coop.
  10. I got really mad when YouTube removed the TEXTp option after April Fool's (because I really thought it was awesome). So to cope, I wrote a pixel shader to recreate the effect. Optimus Prime demonstrates. I've still got a small bit of tweaking to do (mostly to the font map). I'm kind of interested to see where I can take this. I can already apply it to a live video stream in flash (I'll post swfs later). Also, because it's done in the Adobe Pixel Bender framework, there's a possibility I can turn it into a Photoshop Filter. Sorry for posting this here, but I don't think this is far enough along to start its own thread. Also didn't know if it was relevant enough to go in the 2d WIP since... it's all done in code. Figured it's more relevant here than anywhere else.
  11. .. they're so bugged, sometimes you can get past ok and other times you do what you're supposed to and they still beat 7 bells of shit out of you... Agreed. The whole concept of them is awesome, and the first two or three I encountered (except the first one, because I had no idea that that was actually one of them [Achievement Unlocked...]) worked just fine, but every single one after that didn't work properly; kinda ruined the experience. It wouldn't have been that bad, but one of the problems with this game is that several of the levels are really bad about conveying where you actually need to go, and most of the paths are braided causing you to run in loops. I understand if they were trying to convey a sense of confusion, but that's not really something that works for a game. Most of the time you have to run around with your compass out (which doesn't point you in the right direction half of the time, anyway). I totally see what they were trying to do here. Excellent ideas, just poorly executed. Anyway, still an awesome game.
  12. I'm having insane amounts of fun with this one. Metro 2033 easily ties Mass Effect 2 for best game released this year so far. My only real complaint is damage feedback. Most of the monsters don't have an audible sound or flinch animation when you hit them and what little blood spatter there is is obscured by your muzzle flare. It's really tough to tell when you're damaging enemies. Other than that and a few bugs (gas mask filters not actually being replaced, some cutscene animation wonkiness) it's a damn fine game. Atmosphere and locales are great. Cinematics are excellent.
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