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  1. rockdude86

    Dm-Grale UT4

    new pak now available here Also updated first post.
  2. rockdude86

    Dm-Grale UT4

    Apart from a few last kinks yeah this is done (for now ) apparently people are having server timeouts due to long loading times (bug caused by re-packing the map for compression). Since releasing an 800mb pak file is a bit too much the map is quite crippled until epic fixes the cooking process. So no online games yet and sucky bots offline (damn you murphy!) Anyway what's another couple of weeks on a decade...
  3. rockdude86

    Dm-Grale UT4

    updated version can now be found here update notes:- map should no longer time out.- changed bloom intensity in caves- toned down orange lighting cast from lava- added detail textures to brickwork- lots of small mesh fixes, texture seams, tiny holes etc... more fixes to come.left to do:- fix the pathfinding for the bots Finally released stil have some problems with bots killing themselves on the lava (navmesh horror) have another topic about the map on the ut forum, hope I can get this up on some servers and have some fun
  4. hehe you guys make me smile everytime I post something here So yeah it is kind of emberassing how long it has been since I started this. Way back the source engine could not handle all the brushwork and i did not know anything about modeling yet so I shelved it. picked it back up a couple of times throughout the years, eventually converted all of the bsp brushwork to models and put it in unity, which was cool but no fun without a game around it. Now I'm finally finishing this for ut4, still fixing up some bugs that crept in over the years but it will be ready for testing soon
  5. Got accepted for my internship! starting the second of februari also getting back together with my former band after our drummer traveled the world for a year or so. very siked! exiting times ahead
  6. I'm Jarno, we probably only met once or twice so yeah you probably don't remember me
  7. awesome thread! seeing the stuff that inspired me most is already here i have nothing to add really. especially 3dmikes bikini map got me into level design (along many quake and ut maps) funniest thing that happend to me last year: during an assessment for my game design study I found out the Mike that was the external consultant on our assessments was actually 3dMike! holy shit i almost crapped my pants right there (edit) nice to see some old familiars here as well, ClanKiller! you are Doeke right? I used to study ict in hoogeveen along with some of your friends (Marco and Stefan)
  8. Don't post that often but hey what the heck, I have a meeting for a possible internship tommorow! very siked! and a little anxious
  9. having a blast creating these tunnels
  10. Time for another blast from the past Not sure yet what to do with it, might throw it in ue4 for the new unreal tournament.
  11. Long time since i posted something here but thought i'd share this one environment i'm working on for a game that is somewhat a mix of smash brothers and megaman (with a bit of portal sauce)
  12. it already has a grass texture underneath, though at the edges i try to use some more soil because it looks kinda weird to have not much grass sprites on a grass texture (if that makes any sense) some glowy stuff would be really cool indeed been thinking about adding fireflies or something similar around the lanterns but have not had the time to look into that yet. we are using unity pro with the standard terrain shaders atm so i can not add spec or bump maps to them. anyway thanks for the feedback:)
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