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  1. i hated the securitycam. It looked like a model from Sindwiller
  2. Awesome atmosphere But all that talk about how amazing the AI is... it was bullshit.
  3. The jpg on front page is cool, but why is the text a JPG? I get bad vibes from it
  4. RD

    [BF2] Iraq Oilfields

    I usually dont like depressive atmosphere, but its cool here. Iraq was a very depressive place when the oilfields were on fire
  5. You get an email, not a popup
  6. where can i see more of the map? Media page doesnt show anything
  7. Much better... now some styling gel
  8. Sind, i suggest a haircut. Things like that can seriously destroy your childhood
  9. RD


    It could be a freak coincidence....
  10. It wasnt exactly spectacular. It was repetitive
  11. RD

    Your username/nick

    There was a map in doom called "Pit of Despair". My brother took pit, i took despair. Despair was a common nick so i made it realdespair. In short RD
  12. Yeah it was funny I have no understanding for ppl who found this offensive, since they have no understanding of the ppl creating this movie.
  13. Hope it gets close to being as good as undying....
  14. killzone was prerendered, not cutscenes Thats what Polaris said in your quote
  15. Its kinda irrelevant what the map cycles are, just like you can see that dust and dust2 are the most favorite maps by glancing at the server list at any given moment
  16. nice garden you got there..... :wink:
  17. Well.... all you have to do is open up steam and look at the servers...
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