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  1. i gave up on the no mainstream film rule after Fletch posted Hotel Rwanda
  2. There are algorithms who can manage that. You can google around for some papers. Its interesting. My opinion of that application is: it sucks! Why? It does not make any sense. For what should it be used? Digitalising architecture? Dont make me laugh. Wfr, Sindwiller It looks like a tool that bewildered housewifes would be stunned by. If there are such algorithms that can make 3d out of 2d, then this program would be worth gold, but i suspect you have to do some work yourself before it can work
  3. RD

    [CSS] de_dyspnoe_b2

    I cant be the only one who digs the decals
  4. i cant imagine how it could possibly create it all by itself.
  5. Is the 3d model automated, or do you have to create it yourself? Somehow i think they created it themselves and took a bunch of panaramic pictures to make this tool seem useful. But i am just being negative
  6. If you look at the ceiling now, you can already see its far too repetitive on even this tiny section.
  7. RD

    [CSS] de_dyspnoe_b2

    I love it (decals too ). It looks like a clanmatch map, not a realistic surrounding. So the decals fit in a way Besides that they give the map a kinda unique look inbetween all the depressingly realistic maps most ppl make. You gotta change the name tho How about an overview?
  8. RD


    It would, but cs maps arent very popular and usually it ends up being deathmatch anyway. Anyways about the layout, i would make some bigger rooms. Big rooms make the map
  9. Mds, because Postys is clearly a wipeout ripoff
  10. nice, but way too much repetition. If that corridor grows any longer it will become obvious
  11. Bicball, what you imagined is exactly what the guy said in the video
  12. you are right steppen Even tho i am dutch i am no expert on drugs
  13. Crack is the freebase of cocaine. Still its not the same drug. Thats like saying wine berries and wine are the same. Crack is more addictive and kicks harder. Meth = Methamphetamine not amphetamines. Again you try to say that wine berries and wine are the same. The effects of Meth last longer, its more addictive and a dose is much smaller then a amphetamine dose. I know many drugs first hand, have read tons of stuff about them. Also i know many drug addicted persons. Meth is an amphetamine, just like wild berries are fruit. Lol stepp you have no idea what youre talking about do you? :roll: In plain english, why would scientists put wild berries on a list when it already has FRUIT on it? Why would they put crack on it when it has cocaine already on there?
  14. You have to remember that alcohol is not beer, whiskey or vodka. Pure alcohol is deadly. Crack= cocaine that has not been neutralized by an acid. Meth = an amphetamine. Cocaine and ampehtamines are both in the list :roll: Guys you arent scientists, youre not even dutch so you have no idea what your talking about :roll:
  15. I have some advice for all those who are overwhelmed by the size of SA. Use cheats. You wont have to follow the story and you can spawn apaches or jumbojets and fly anywhere. Its damn fun exploring the massive world, landing on top of skyscrapers or mountains and basejumping off
  16. Michael Schmid ? Those shots remind me of the microsoft crew, before it got filthy rich
  17. its not? I think its the waterdrips that have changed
  18. RD

    In The Works ...

    bottom of the lightbeams is a bit screwed. Just cut off the bottom inch
  19. RD

    DOD_Anemia by FMPONE

    Looks like a good layout.... if the area under the bridge leads to somewhere. Does it?
  20. SA was more fun to drive around because you had all the countryside space to do whatever you wanted. I dont think Vice city lets you go higher up than 5 ft
  21. how could vice city be better than san andreas?
  22. Immortal ad vitam Weird movie about immortal egyptian gods landing on top of a futuristic city and serial killing peeps. (Click for trailer )
  23. The game is absolutely brilliant
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