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  1. wrong forum? I have no idea btw
  2. One thing bothers me about this game. The soldiers seem to be able to walk faster than bullets. Look at them storming omaha beach.... ridiculous.
  3. RD

    In The Works ...

    How about wrapping up this project and switching to source?
  4. I actually like the texturing.... its awesome. Except those tall pillars could have a better one. Also blue or green lights at the top....and a diffrent sky... it would look more awesome.
  5. I know Eindhoven What happens when youre standing in a diffrent place when the bomb goes off? For example next to that window? You survive?
  6. Lookin quite good. Geometry has improved, lighting hasnt really. Needs some more contrast
  7. Youre complaining about the facial expression of the black guy? Did you look at the white guys face????????????????????
  8. Do i need a gamepad for the PC version to enjoy it?
  9. I was going to photoshop this myself but im grateful you did it for me Awesome shots. It makes me wish i was indian
  10. Wonder what the rocks look like from the players viewpoint. Its a pity he spends all that time on the rocks and the actual map is played on a flat square. If youre gonna build mountains, let ppl have some fun with em
  11. RD


    why would you not finish it?
  12. You dont know if the baby will be black. I guess it will be a surprise. Maybe its symbolic for Jesus second coming. He was black wasnt he?
  13. I think someone has said this before, but what more do you need than the power to create? I like creating something that is bigger than players and control groups with sadistic punishments. You have much more control over players than most mappers can fantasize. When i play my maps with others i feel like an eagle spectating ants that react in panic to my map.
  14. Cape Town - Cinema (Ferry Tayle Dedicated Mix).mp3
  15. Just saw the trailer. Looks awesome http://www.thehillshaveeyes.nl/ Anyone seen it yet?
  16. RD

    de_hogsatra_2007 project

    Hello Nexus Inside of the house looks good, outside shot seems to be taken from an angle where you are hiding alot of stuff?
  17. not much to improve, except the lighting. Its all the same now, in vents, rooms and hallways
  18. It receives the golden pearl from me. AHSUM
  19. RD


    Sindwiller your avatar is too wide
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