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  1. The teaser image looks like the art from "The Lost And Damned", prolly same artist. I'm a bit confused, in what way was 3D Realms involved last time? (MP2) Is Rockstar both dev and pub this time? I trust Rockstar in this one, seems like hobo's (if that's what he is) is the way to go nowdays (Condemned 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction) and looking forward to see a full frontal of Mona Sax (just like the full frontal in Lost and Damned) ;D
  2. Does anyone know the value of an Asus GeForce 8800GTS 320MB. I have one I want to sell but im unsecure how much I can charge for it (very sparely used). Would appreciate any tips about price for this or similar graphic cards (since this one isn't produced anymore). Thanks in advance!
  3. I like it (alto my wrist starts to hurt after some hours of gameplay). I'm not a friend with the driving yet tho, some cars goes to fast and the top view make it hard to evade oncomming cars (the gps should be at the same screen imo). Maybe its just a mather of practice. I love the minigames (tattoo, unlocking cars etc) and selling drugs
  4. Oh no son, oh fucking no! Stockholm is dirty and stressful, Gothenburg all the way!
  5. Far Cry 2 with a chance to win an exclusive Ipod nano
  6. Stop promoting software and answer my question. Seriously tho, I only used 1 web based software. CPUID shows just 1 core so I guess that's it. The core speed is ticking so I really can't see what the "final" speed is
  7. Hola! I've been using 3 different system checking sources, but the results is bringin´ me more confusion then clearness. Take a look at the attached picture. It looks to me like I have 2 processors (3.0GHz) since that is what the canyourunit.com test says. The Everest tells me that I have Multi CPU, but there is no word about Dual Core (is this 2 different things, wouldn't both proc have at least 1 core each ?) CPU speed seems to be 3.1GHz, but what does the first "3.0GHz" stands for in Windows Systempref, Is it just the processor name? (This is were it usually says "Dual Core or (D) right?) One last thing, the canyourunit.com test says that my performance are rated 4.52GHz, does this means my 3.1 cpu are overclocked to 4.52GHz? So many questions, so little time! Oh well I hope someone can help me with this! /H2o
  8. And this is me (see attached file)
  9. Were do i find it again? I forgot to put it in the garage (most likely to freeze or another mission that forced me to use a specific car) The biggest problem for me is that the game locks up every now and then. I've moved away the jetengine xbox from the shelf in case there was a overheat problem, but it still locks up. Really annoying when you´r in a mission
  10. Bloodlines - Didn't really understood it Some BF2 exp which i can't remember the name of - bought it from EA download service and played it like 3-4 times, laggy on my comp. Elebits - Haven't really got into it Tomb Raider - I bought this just to get the nude patch to work, I WAS 14 FFS!!!! Red Orchestra - The graphics isn't really top notch and that destroys the feeling for me
  11. Thank you all for your imputs. I do fancy something new so I think Vista 64 (ultra mega super edition) will be my choice of OS!
  12. I am finally about to get my big fat thumb out my butt and buy a new computer. My choice of OS is between Vista or XP. What are the pros vs cons ? DX10 vs bugs? old vs new? Please post your comment below!
  13. Just stumbled across this http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/01/07/exclusive-video-crunchgear-gets-all-hands-on-with-surface-i-get-faced-by-microsoft-in-a-good-way/ and I'm impressed, sure it looks very "Mac like" but i doubth they have patent on moving photos with your hands (even if they made it famous) I guess it will take 10-20 years before we will see this in bars that you actually can afford to go into but the idea is cool, interactive, shiny and scalable objects is the new black!!!
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