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  1. If that was an L then we might as well delete that letter from the alphabet
  2. Anyone else notice he says "natural section" instead of natural selection?
  3. RD

    Dm_Ruinz [CS 1.6]

    Golden pearl from me
  4. I thought it was an action game, not online roleplaying shit.
  5. Which one would you buy if you had to pick one? Looking at the games that have been released so far, i wouldnt get a Wii. Im kinda disappointed with what ive seen so far 360 and PS3 seem to have all the cool games again. Gears of war & rainbow6... Wii only has zelda. I thought with the new controls there could be some cool FPS action, but red steel sucked and im not sure if pointing a remote at the screen is better than using a mouse or using a controller. Id buy a 360
  6. Looks great... i like games/mods that u dont know what to expect from. You start in a mountain and nothing else
  7. RD


    Looks fun to me DOWNLODING
  8. Excellent game... looks like xbox360 is winning the next gen battle
  9. Duffy... silence. Anyways, this to me sounds like over protecting your kids
  10. But you dont actually buy the engine for 15 bux do you?
  11. It got 9.6 on gamespot
  12. Would be nice if you told us what this is about. Just to satisfy my curiousity the coming 48hrs
  13. It is? I always skip that part in the few interviews i read But really, thats not a very original thing to do. Id try something more unique, for example mapping the modworld for several games (where to find modelers/mappers/coders etc for hl2). It could be useful to all those mods that are stuck, which is basically all of them :roll: And the sites/channels will gladly participate... gives them new visitors. But i have a feeling this mag has no real thought behind it... just collecting as much stuff as possible and filling up?
  14. I dont get it... There was someone behind me tho
  15. Is it true that sound is coming out of the controller?
  16. RD

    Very impressive

    a mouse still works better
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