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  1. Hey, looks promising I'd like to see a layout overview, too.. and I hope you guys used clipbrushes to avoid players getting stuck somewhere at all those nice details picture no 6: wood texture should be aligned vertically and tracks should not be built through those little rocks. Nothing else to say.. for now! Jean
  2. Thanks! I think you're right about that concrete thing.. HL1-mapping-habit I'll change that.
  3. Hi, after a long time of.. erm.. doing kind of nothing, I went on bringing the map to a release. It still is not finished, but I've changed some parts.. In the current state, playtests are very important (perhaps it's already a bit too late for them..). For everyone who likes to download the newest version: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fragrun (sorry for not renaming.. please replace the old version) Those of you, who would like to take part in upcoming playtests - feel free to join the group. I will announce the next playtests using the event-function of steam's group management. I'm still searching for test servers.. just btw I hope to see some of you on the map soon, Jean
  4. LeJean

    [tf2] cp_broma_beta4

    Looks promising I hope, the wide open area on screenshot 2 is not as good for snipers as it looks..
  5. Hey guys, here's a new version of cp_fragrun. I had to do some minor changes - the main architecture has not changed at all. changes: - changed interiors and lights of spawnrooms - red's cave entrance edited to fit the setting - some displacement work - fixed lighting issues of some models - new 3d-sky - added details here are some new pictures: So replace your old version of this map with the new one: http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/cp_fragrun.bsp.bz2 Is there anyone who is admin of a TF2 server? I'd like to test the map with some more guys playing - so it would be great if someone of you could give it a try. And don't forget to tell me about the ip Jean
  6. You're right - it still is empty. There's missing a bunch of detail stuff. For example the wood structures on RED's side should get some trims and some more irregularity... I'm happy you like it so far Still working on that detail thing and I'll keep you up to date!
  7. Aye okay. Sorry I didn't remember you Thanks for your comment! ... and eh - should I post the map at mapping-tutorials, too?
  8. Hey, thanks a lot! In the last few days, I did some changes: - changed lighting, shadowing, a little fog - added 3d-skybox - fixed some small clipping problems - fixed doors and cubemaps take a look at the overview: The referenced shots follow up: (Some of them are similar to the pictures above, so I'll just link them) http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr01.jpg http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr02.jpg http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr03.jpg http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr04.jpg http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr05.jpg http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr06.jpg http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fr07.jpg Well.. and for now, I chose the name "fragrun" - because the original map by valve was called "flagrun", but there is no flag in my version (Still searching for the perfect name..) Even the download has changed: http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/cp_fragrun.bsp.bz2 Cheers, Jean Edit: Deathy == DrDeath? Hey!
  9. I am not at the spezi clan, but I know the two guys for some time now (You're asking because you have a HLPortal.de link in your signature yourself, right?) What would you propose to do with that rounded stuff - simple 90-degrees-corners look too bad.. perhaps I could add in some more angular architecture. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  10. Hey there, the last few months, I've been working on some kind of remake of a TFC map called "flagrun". So basically, only the major layout is the same.. as the old TFC maps are nothing more than a lot of blocks. Perhaps someone will recognize some structures, but the architecture and details all around have changed, though. I know that there are missing some details, the upper parts of the rocks and the 3D-Sky, but that's why it's still work in progress. This map has 3 control points and 2 spawn rooms for each team (no association of spawn rooms to capture points). No custom content 'til now. Take a look.. The two base points (former capture areas for the 5 flags): Some parts of BLU's area: ..and some of RED's: and - of course - the central control point: Well, please let me have some comments and critic.. just tell me everything For those of you, who want to take a run inside: You can download a beta version here. But note, that it is still work in progress (as the name is). http://jean.cocktail-db.net/tf2/fourth.zip Perhaps, you can meet some guys playing it at: spezi-clan.de:27075 - but don't expect too many players If someone has an idea for a name, please tell me Thanks! LeJean
  11. LeJean

    [Release] Cp_Studio_rc3

    Quite hot. Love the setting.
  12. Thanks guys I know that this is not the way everyone else would have done a map of a theme like this, but this is how it grew up I'll be doing this better next time! Has someone of you played this map? Perhaps even with some more players, not just started it to look around? Jean
  13. Well now, I guess some of you had a look into this thread... let's say - I hope so okay.. I'd say it's done. Perhaps you'll find one or two things that are not as perfect as they could be , but I like it as it is right now and I don't really have the time to care a lot more about this map. It's done and I guess it's good as it is Thanks Acumen for modeling and texturing all those nice models, Guriamo for modeling and texturing the banner model, ReFlex for some custom textures and general aid, CPoly for helping with those damn normalmaps. (email addresses of these guys: info.txt in download archive) enough for now, have a look: And of course: the download I hope you enjoy it, thanks for all the comments in the w.i.p. topic that helped a lot, and please tell me what you think. LeJean
  14. LeJean

    dm_archt FINAL [HL2DM]

    lots of mixed styles in this map.. eg the lockdown bathroom textures don't really fit, i think.. but awesome work, definately rocks
  15. Hey there, this is the newest version of down_there: http://tinyurl.com/tkrbd please note, that this still is a pre-release (playtest-version)! i know, that some problems still have not been fixed, such as the incorrect lighting of the white stones. but i'm working on this enjoy, and let me know how this map is being played with some more players thx, LeJean
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