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  1. Only if Steppen has the guts to stand up for justice
  2. RD

    Apocalypse! [Matte Painting]

    nice... cars look a little weird at the bottom. Almost like they are floating
  3. You should seek the media... fired over a youtube video, might even get you on cnn
  4. If you dont want to be part of a discussion dont reply. Especially not with an eot post calling evrything bullshit, its kinda... childish
  5. So it is theoretically impossible for a black man to say a racist word to us? Isnt it kinda twisted... that only white ppl can be racist
  6. I kinda agree with h20 here.... evrybody uses the word, black ppl most of all. But rules are rules i guess;) Btw is there any racist word that describes white ppl?
  7. Turks there, moroccans here.... but what can you do against a foreign racist minority?
  8. Obviously they did it to have fun, but why didnt they do it to another turk? I know... because there was nobody else on the train :roll: If it was a group of white ppl that attacked a foreigner it would be called racism
  9. You can change it back h20. I dont know what it was before but just skip the word n*****. Anyways i completely agree with you Just because someone has a different skincolor doesnt mean you should throw away all common sense. Unfortunately it is simple statistics finding your bike there. Prejudice is fine if you keep it for yourself untill you nail the guy. because we all are prejudiced, even black ppl. In Hessi's case, ask yourself why the turkish men targeted a white unattractive male.... racism.
  10. the colossus saves this crap map. Just kiddin warbest Map looks awesome... and i prefer maps that arent too serious... because serious is boring.
  11. So you agree its idiotic. Anyways, Bush may be idiotic and ofcourse he isnt responsible for evrything, but its probably more idiotic not to blame him. The media is on him and he is the center of todays worldpower.
  12. I prefer realistic games, but thats just my opinion. There is just no reason stylized textures would be better than realistic ones. It would be great if it only took a picture to make good textures these days. I can hardly grasp how narrow your view as a dev must be if you dont agree with me on that. No offense Games are for players and only the end result counts for them. Your effort as a texture artist is invisible and doesnt make a texture better by default. Besides that, real life is a limitless source of inspiration. Games that use real life as a reference IMO usually have more depth than games that dont. The whole reason FPS and other games are enjoyable is because they manage to simulate some things from reality, such as physics, view of depth, believable guns, and those stylized textures you prefer... you probably like them because it has realistic shading on em. Even AI is a simulation of real life. Games are still barely doing this enough imeho, but crysis doin a good job
  13. the topictitle is a bit misleading
  14. also he moved to canada :wink:
  15. KT looks american, and Luka, who IS an american looks european :wink:
  16. RD


    amazing & lovely
  17. never played em. It crashed on the opening screen unfortunately and i couldnt fix it
  18. RD

    New CS 1.6 map

    Looks great to me. Generic in a good way It could be a competitive map, but that depends on the layout. Any pics of it?
  19. Spellbinder has a new friend
  20. RD

    Aim_Skyline for CS:S

    Cool... Could have done some rooftop hopping tho, and the surrounding buildings are too close to the playable area. But nice idea
  21. RD

    Windows geniune

    Sindwiller Says: September 25th, 2006 at 6:25 pm Wow, now thats nice stuff! I really love Windows satires Especially because im a Linux-User.
  22. RD

    The Virtual Gallery

    Ive seen the map before. Looked awesome. Video is kinda boring tho, the music especially. But the gallery space is pretty sweet
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