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  1. Sindwiller


    You must have completely missed the fall of the iron courtain. Which brought mostly poverty (through rash and cheap privatization forced by the U.S. board of trade) and increased criminality? Also, ask the people over in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Hungary and others if they're happy with their mad, quasi-autocratic leaders. And while you're there, ask whether the people in former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania etc. are happy with their governments. stuff The first French revolution ended in a blood bath where several political groups massacred each other and the needs of the people were deglected, followed by a monarchy, followed by a revolution, followed by a decent constitutional monarchy, followed by a revolution, followed by small compromises made by the nobility towards a parlamentarian/representative democracy (which, as a concept, has failed several times, eg. in the world wars, if you don't remember). I think you've also had enough German and Russian history to know how hard it is to direct so much political power in the right direction. Did I mention China?
  2. Sindwiller


    Nope. Nothing decent will come out of it. Eventually, some other regime that has been acknowledged by France and preferably the USA will replace the gap. Just wait and see. Huh. Are you referring to that revolution where the son of a self-proclaimed king - who was supported by the U.S., since before he became king, the CIA disposed of the democratically elected president - was overthrown, just to replace the old regime with an islamic theocracy? I'm pretty sure you do. On that note, it's naive to think that a revolution ANYWHERE leads to democracy (e.g. Kuba, where Fidel got paranoid after the invasion by... oh forget that).
  3. Aquaria and Revenge of the Titans, which is a quite nicely done and well disguised tower defense game with and awesome art style. The only thing that bugs me is that the difficulty curve is hell-a steep. It's fun, still.
  4. An awesome and hilarious read. The German translation is fine, too
  5. Considering that everyone and their cat have already made a DotA clone, I'd say that is a pretty wrong move. I beg to differ, but there's no point in discussing a competitive game's mechanics, is there? I'm already getting my DotA mojo from HoN. *shrugs*
  6. http://al.chemy.org/forum/bugs/ I don't quite see the reason why they don't have a proper bug tracker though
  7. Isn't Halo: Reach just Halo + Tribes?
  8. Bump! At last, I have bought it last Tuesday and - I know, I'm all "late" and shit - I'm loving every single moment of the SP campaign. Haven't played a game that well design and written and so full of interesting details (in my opinion) in aaaages. I dig those dialogues, sequences and even the news reports so much that I got the "News Junkie" achievement, heh! Again, there hasn't been a game that has sucked me into it as much as SC2 does now for a long time. If someone wants to add me to eventually pwn me online later on, I'm just Sindwiller.264 ;D
  9. 16:9 is fucking weird. I still have to get used to it.
  10. Pro Quake/UT was always fun to watch
  11. I envy you. I was planning on buying a telescope but there's really no way to see any significant stars in Sao Paulo (too much light pollution + the weather is always cloudy) Isn't that that Brazilian cyberpunk city where everyone lives in skyscrapers and travels by helicopter? Yep. There's one neighbourhood here which has more helipads on top of buildings than bus stops on its streets How dystopian. How's the internet resistance doing?
  12. Nope, I think that story appears in 'I, Robot' and I read it ages ago, so I don't recall clearly. That book is part of the Foundation cycle, a really cool series of novels he wrote (succeeding the robot series and stuff). But yeah, everything he wrote does rule sure as hell.
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