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    Best. Ever.

    its an animation picture? Or will the real thing be a mix?
  2. RD

    Blob game

    its true the fun doesnt last very long
  3. They choose to behave how they want, but the tv shows influence how ppl want to behave. Same thing with commercials. TV shows are giant commercials of lifestyle (not all of them ofcourse). There is a diffrence between games and tv. Games are fake, tv is believably real. Nobody can convince even the dumbest kid that doom is real. But you watch tv for the purpose of escaping reality into a believable reality that you are fascinated by. I doubt there is a single person who has the lead farcry character as idol, but at the same time there are hundreds of millions who have Jlo as their great idol. Its because there is a humongous difference between polygons and flesh & blood.
  4. All it takes me to realize that halflife is dying, is starting up the game.
  5. RD

    A Scanner Darkly

    what is it about?
  6. This isnt about kids becoming aware of sex... that discussion was finished when Thrik opened his mouth. So instead read the topic a few more times. Kids copy behaviour from TV and throw away their identity to become Sarah Jessica Parker. They are all brainwashed if they think she is hot. Just look at what MTV did to our cities, all these rapper gangstas populating our streets. It is refreshing to see that Steppenwolf has the power to look thru all the fake bullshit that kids think they are these days.
  7. RD

    Blob game

    I guess so. Its made by students.
  8. An awesome little game, plays kinda like katamari damacy. You play an alien blob that rolls around a dutch city (Utrecht) crushing ppl and changing colors while painting the buildings and trying to escape from the men in black. Download Btw, the download is for an english version so dont worry about the dutch text in the screens.
  9. i am at a loss of words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. not really a fan of dark depressing urban environments. I hope they will have some cool gameplay as well, and not just some pretty buildings in the background
  11. have you tried it yourself Stepp? Any samples of tunes done with this?
  12. RD

    DOD_Anemia by FMPONE

    looks good. But like skdr said, you need a lesson in screenshotting Post screens from a players perspective and an overview plz:)
  13. Picture deleted because source image was changed (nudity) - Frie 11 ? :
  14. that looks a bit like my living room
  15. Looks flabbergasting. Same for losttemple
  16. Again, you dont understand that this wasnt about the piece of paper or the one little cartoon. This thread is also not about the cloth. Its about the principles of freedom behind it. And again, it was the papers, the ppl, that used their freedom, not the EU. No government could stop it even if it wanted to, because nobody controls ppl that are free. :roll:
  17. I get it. But im communicating on a much deeper level, maybe thats why you misunderstood me. What made it irresponsible to draw religious cartoons? Its the violence that followed it, that made it irresponsible. By saying it was irresponsible, you admit you had the knowledge that there would be a violent response. And what do you do with this knowledge? Youre silent, and you expect others to do the same. It is actually fine if youre silent, but expecting others to do the same is oppression. Because in the end, it is still the same as what i said on page one, a bow to violence. How do you destroy this intolerance, if you dont throw bombs on it? With words, with cartoons. It is exactly the purpose of protesting. What you believe, that Europe draws cartoons to insult others, is your own negative interpretation of what happened. It was a constructive event, that even many millions of muslims agreed with at the time, even in the Middle east they printed the cartoons (they were jailed tho), and agreed they have double standards. Because they draw religious cartoons about us, about jews, daily.
  18. In Europe the government hasnt done any of this, but you still said Europe fucked up by printing a toon. How can it befucked up, if you are in favor of the freedom to do such things? Either you meant that ordinary ppl in europe shouldnt have the freedom to draw cartoons, or you meant something else which i cant grasp.
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