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  1. Anyone remember the tripods?
  2. RD


    Evrybody laughed at Bill Gates when he was 12.
  3. I dont play good games. I dont have time for anything but the best
  4. I think the game flopped quite simply because it wasnt good enough. If it was a superb adventure game, word would have spread, i would have bought it. I thought about buying it this week but after reading some reviews i thought... nevermind.
  5. Uhm, well. Maybe some stuff what only happened in the movie or environments, who aren't made by the description in the book, are HL2 inspired. Lets be honest. When the pic below doesnt remind you of HL2, what else? Wfr, Sindwiller As a 13yr old, i cant blame you for thinking HL2 was the first to pull off this idea. But like MikeZ said, HL2 itself pulled its idea of various other books, and i myself have seen dozens of movies with cities controlled by somekinda military. Equilibrium, Absolon, the Siege, 1984, etc. The picture is of a military force blocking of a city street. It happens in every war. The architecture in the background may remind you of HL2, but you have to remember that hl2 itself was inspired by European architecture: we didnt build our cities after hl2
  6. u should post comparison shots. I wouldnt have noticed anything new in those shots
  7. hate it when the trailer contains spoilers
  8. so... what was inspired by hl2?
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    Damn awesome images, damn awesome story. I love this emo kinda feel to it
  10. SPOORLOOS (aka the vanishing, theres an american remake with the same name but that sucks unbelievably) An absolutely chilling, deeply unsettling horror masterpiece The Vanishing is a movie only those with ice in their veins can ever forget. The direction is absolutely brilliant, from the opening frames until the very end. I felt Saskia's fright when she thought she lost Rex initially, and her description of her dream made me feel chills. When she disappeared, Rex's combination of rage, frustration, anxiety, and grief was torture to watch. A particularly powerful moment was when he slammed the car door shut so hard the window crumbled into pieces. Watching Rex become consumed in every way by his quest to find Saskia was also extremely difficult to watch, although it was certainly inevitable. I found the professor's description of his actions appalling in many cases, the most notable one being when he fixates on Saskia and we see his POV. Seeing Saskia warmly respond to him was devastating, knowing what would happen. Throughout the film there was an overwhelming sense of doom and isolation, like this was a cruel world where even in the most idyllic settings evil lurked everywhere and attempting to fight it was futile. Rex undergoes one of the most harrowing emotional ordeals of any movie character ever, and when he is at the end of his rope his crucial decision would seem so insane out of context but viewers understand that it really is his only choice. The shock ending, especially the way it was done, almost made me scream, and I will never forget the final shot. The Vanishing could be shown in any film class on direction, as an example of perfection. Material that could have been turned into just a mediocre thriller with would have seemed like a lame twist was turned by George Sluizer into an utterly harrowing filmgoing experience. And that is the right word, because a movie like The Vanishing is not just watched-it is experienced. I estimate I have seen around 700 movies in my life, and horror is my favorite genre. I have only seen two films that left me so scared that after they ended I couldn't even move. One was Psycho, which I saw 10 years ago when I was only 12. The other one was just this year-The Vanishing.
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    Sindwiller, where did you get that AWESOME sig??
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    It looks so weird, i dont even know what engine this is
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    Amazingly enough, i posted the same thing in EOT at the same moment you posted it here. It is truly flabbergasting stuff
  14. its a graphire wacom Well it was, untill i melted it away
  15. I will never be able to draw something like that Luka
  16. Well, i bought a Wacom last week. I dont really know why (its the pencil shes holding)
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    Logging In

    its an old tradition here
  18. I just looked it up on Gspot, it looks like the kinda game i would buy a console for. Waitin for a review tho
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    i cant be too flattering about this piece of mapping. It looks uninspired and a bit depressing Also very square I hope this doesnt depress you
  20. I have seen the tin drum, its nice but a bit too weird to be classic.
  21. For those of us who dont know the game, this is what i have concluded from reading this thread: 1) The game is for xbox 360 2) The game is about zombies 3) The game gets boring after 30 mins
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    [CSS] de_dyspnoe_b2

    I just played it. Its very pretty in places but there is one big problem with the map: its very, very mazy.
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