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    Turok Concept Art

    That brings back memories. I worked on this project. I was super excited when I saw the concept art and the chance to work on a Turok game. I was hoping for something along the lines of Turok n64 style... Alas quite disappointing... Although the concept art was bad ass and held a lot of inspiration to pull from while working on the project.
  2. my guess is in-house modded unreal 3 build. Lighting looks a lot nicer in that then ut3 or gears. and its not luminous labs its illuminate labs beast plug in.
  3. That shit fucking rocks Peri. The lighting in your in-house engine is slick. Are you using in-house code for that. Or is that perhaps the luminious labs extension of the light code? Either way. Killer scene.
  4. Most of the scripting is nothing special. Enemy spawning, combat advancement, and cinematic cut scenes. I left the actors in the screens for two reason. Applying for a designer position at a local studio, would like to show all process. Also I mentor students at the Vancouver Film School. I want to have some examples to show them when we're talking about specific questions they have. Had a class last night and something about how to layout scripts in a level came up.
  5. Hot Shit Peri. Spammage fo' sho Screens of a Gears of War single player level I'm working on. Its not complete yet. I should be complete within the year with my work schedule.
  6. Thanks Yea agree with you e-freak. Especially using epic content. I may try to get it out of the ordinary with some custom content. But I'm more of the mind to get it done quickly so I can move onto another ut3 project I have in mind.
  7. Beginnings of a Single Player Gears of War level for my portfolio.
  8. Sent my friend. I can't wait to rip it up again.. if you guys will take me D:
  9. y helo thar? What might we be working on here? And in vancouver aswell? lol I've been in van using and teaching UE3 for a while now.. I would be interested in getting back together with you guys.. Might be interesting. Just looking for coders and artist?
  10. Yo, Quick question, and I think this is the place for the answer. With the new contest would Gears of War content be application for entry? I am making a Gears single player level and thought I might gear(lol) it towards a contest entry aswell. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.
  11. Hey Have you checked tried singling out the specific meshes using light channels. The skylights are probably hitting the CompositeDynamic channel, aswell as static and or bsp. Select all the meshes you want o independently light and choose a light channel that is just for them. Then adjust the lights your going to use only cast on those specific channels. I have not really used the UT3 or GOW Release engines. However I hope they haven't radically changed them from earlier distributions of the engine. Hope that helps. Nick
  12. Phobos


    lol honestly I think the model might be from bloodlines... theres a few treats like that in the hl2 assets.
  13. hehe yeah might get to that. It was more of a practice texture. Babies go on the other side. Wouldn't want them getting thrown in the wash.
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