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  1. The one that got away Based on a true story about a squad of 7 commandos in Iraq trying to destroy a SCUD launch site behind enemy lines. They all get killed or caught, one gets away walks a couple thousand miles and wipes out the entire iraqi army.
  2. I was terrified of the wind because i thought it would take me away into the sky
  3. awesome drawing, awesome subject. Her left arm looks like it belongs to a midget tho
  4. RD

    [UT2k4] dm_Baroque_BETA

    Pure death! pics?
  5. RD

    [D3 SP] Lost Facility

    amazing. Concrete does wonders
  6. Its a drop of ectoplasma, a manifestation of the childs soul that manifluxed. It could also be light reflecting off the forehead bump that all of minos family has
  7. RD


    funny I got my 3rd mouse button bound to kill so when i am about to be killed i can commit suicide.
  8. RD

    [UT2k4] dm_Baroque_BETA

    whats in the hole?
  9. RD

    Anna bot.

    Holland :party: The original is far superior tho
  10. I remember playing a game, where you could shoot thru portals and the bullets would go thru. You were able to shoot yourself Wasnt it duke3d?
  11. Klein, the anti-social dev jk <3 No I just prefer going to parties that aren't sausage fests and full of geeks hahahahahahahahahahaha.... hey, wait. You are a geek too, are'nt you? Wfr, Sindwiller Touché
  12. that video looked incredibly dumb & cheap
  13. He propels himself off slopes. You can see it clearly in the dam area, he isnt flying straight up
  14. those are massive cliché's
  15. what did he do at the end? He jumped in nihilanths brain?
  16. 35mins and 15secs in is the best part, where he uses the snark to talk to the scientist
  17. isnt that a tv show? :initiate eyerolling sequence:
  18. d3 you better upload the wad, the install file and music wad. Else it cant be played.
  19. i vaguely remember it. Might give it a try
  20. Uhm, no. Because, today's 3D-Graphics accelerators are vertex based. So, models who are NURBS-based were recalculated into vertices to render properly. Earlier, 3D-Graphics were based on NURBS. The problem was, that NURBS werent very robust. You couldnt do hard-surfaces. And regarding that texture mapping was invented later, were vertex-based 3D-graphics dominated the world, the whole thing sucked. So, to render NURBS on today's graphics-accelelarator, you need to recalculate them into vertices. This process is time-consuming and ineffizient. A NURBS model would be 5 million vertices (around 7 million polies, eh) as recalculated. A tough modeler could model the same shape with 50k-100k polies. Wfr, Sindwiller Youre 12?
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